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Your First Kiss – How to Kiss A Girl

How to get your first kiss. The first kiss is magic. It is a Farwell to boyhood. Find out how to go about getting your first kiss.

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  1. Asmodeus Of Lust


  2. Should I do this on the first date?

  3. im 21 and i still did not have my first kiss

  4. "All you have to do is, take action" life sum up in one sentence.

  5. cosmic perspectives

    didn't realize i needed this haha

  6. such an awesome video elisha

  7. Hey man, kinda doing bad but, can you make a video about how to stop caring about what people think about you? From what music you listen to, to what you wear, how much you bench. You get the point. Thanks – Sai.

  8. Livin Life right

    One of the first things I said after my first kiss "let's give that a second try"


    How do you not swallow the girls your kissing since you have such big lips?

  10. 10/10 thumbnail

  11. MissionForDays96

    You looking leaner bro! Day 3 NoFap. I'm talking to this gir that I really like and she told me to continue taking the same classes with her in college since we are majoring in the same subject and I can see her as my future girlfriends so we will see!

  12. Elisha I know this doesn't have anything to do with the video. But imma do this nofap thing with u. I'm currently on day 0, been trying to make it to 90+ days for years, and have been wanting to talk to this girl in my class for 6 months now. Even thought I failed every time, i know that I will keep on going monk mode with u. This is the time I win and the time we get our lives back. Keep going bro I'm counting on you!!! 👌

  13. Lol my first kiss was so awkward. I didnt really know how to kiss but i just did it and it was so bad, i felt so embarresed with the girl after.

  14. Congratzz on the 4k Elisha! Keep up the great work 🙂

  15. Also do a vid on vibes

  16. Your channel is seriously underrated

  17. What's a good thing to go do with a girl. This is the first time I've been with this girl so idk what's gonna happen. But any suggestions

  18. You can say anything and it will always sound so alive and real. Your enthusiasm is very genuine.

  19. if you are comfortable with her say "give me a kiss" and when she goes for the cheek you kiss her

  20. Great video. You should check out a YouTube channel called mensutra he has good content👌

  21. So you are saying that if a girl is laughing and smiling that she can be interested… Good to Know! 👍

  22. Heard that a lot of people get there first kiss Around the end of Elementary School

  23. Srijan Chowdhuri

    Bro I'm definitely following you.

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