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WHEN WAS YOUR FIRST KISS? When do Japanese girls and boys have their first kiss?

How old are people in Japan when they have their first kiss? At what age is kissing acceptable in Japan? Who has to make the first move when kissing? We found out for you


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  1. First grown up kiss at 6… oh god

  2. She was ASLEEP???!!! That's just creepy!!! 🙁

  3. I was 2 weeks old and my mom did it

  4. plz add English subtitles. Plz do another "girls-only"video, with these specific 'First Kiss' questions. How many boys did you cause to miss kissing you? ON-THE-LIPS? before you released and was carrying your FIRST-EGG? When you thought you was close to releasing your FIRST-EGG, did you reach out to boys, and touch them and ask them to miss kissing-you-on-the-lips? Also, at this special time, right before your FIRST-EGG, how many boys did you get to give you a level 1 hug (your teddies don't touch his chest)? Do you think this strategy, caused your body to delay releasing your FIRST-EGG? Do you think a level 7 hug (you, the girl, is humping the boy's leg) would speed up the release of your FIRST-EGG? How many boys did you get to miss kissing you on the lips while you was carrying your first LIVE-EGG? Were you sad because you could not get any boys to miss kissing-you-on-the-lips, while you was carrying your FIRST-EGG? After you passed/lost/shed your FIRST-EGG, how long did you wait to voluntarily and willfully choose to kiss a boy on the lips? How many boys did you make/cause/choose to miss kissing you on the lips? before you, finally, chose to kiss a boy on the lips? Do you think you would be more beautiful? if you had waited even longer? to initiate and reach out and do the first kiss?

  5. Theamazing Spoderman

    legend goes justin bieber kissed his own vahina at the age 10 and then ushers kock aftrrwats

  6. kindergarten…..yeeeeahh that doesnt count

  7. AAA – LIFE song playing in the background <3

  8. Mine was with a girl who wasn't my girlfriend but she said she liked me. She actually made the first move. We were in the back of a car riding together and I guess she felt the mood was right. I didn't really mind, and it was kinda exciting so I reciprocated, but we didn't actually get into a relationship after that. In fact, that was the last time I really hung out with her. Some time after that I heard she got a boyfriend, and the next time I saw her, some years afterward, apparently she had a baby with the guy.

    I was in my 20's at the time, and the girl was a bit younger. I didn't actually know her that well tbh. I don't even know her last name.

  9. My first kiss was probably in kindergarten as well, or somewhere close to that age. I don't count it though, because I think it's too early for a real heartful kiss.
    My real first kiss was when I was 16, with a girl who just became my girlfriend… We were standing in the middle of our homes, since we lived kinda close, after being out for a walk. Before parting we kissed, and it was kinda awkward. She said I was really bad at it. One week later I went to my brother in another town to help him redecorate his flat. While I was there, she cheated on me and broke up with me a few days later 😛
    So that story was neither romantic nor long lived. But it was an experience, and well… things are what they are. Since then I've had a few kisses stolen actually (I have not stolen any kisses though! Boo!).

  10. when I was 3 my BFF stole it from me in a hot tub after that we were together for 3 years

  11. I don't kiss and tell 😉

  12. This was so much fun!

  13. Uhhhhh in USA kissing a person who's asleep is sexual assault. That's so creepy!!

  14. Most likely in kindergarten, all of us was running around kissing left and right back then. First one that I can really remember though, with a girl I really liked, was in 4th grade.

  15. Do 2d girls count?

  16. My first kiss story is terrible. I was at a children church function and the older boy who I denied others saying we liked each other. 1st grade or younger. I wasn't interested in things not video games. He asked to speak with me alone. Confused I said ok. Even asked an adult if we could talk in the room behind her. Very dark. He attacked my face very passionately. I just went home confused. Told no one. Confused and rather play games then think about it.

    Fun fact I went home to visit parents one year and flipping through the newspaper saw him on the sexual predators list. Creeptastic.

  17. The girl in the beanie at 1:50 😍

  18. MorganMorningstar R


  19. Just got my first kiss about 2 years ago when i was 18 😅 but seriously i didnt make any move, its not because i won't do, cz its really embrassing to ask, and then she suddenly did it 😂😂

  20. YOu look really good in the wig 😀

  21. As a kid , my neighbor girl had huge trees in her front yard, i'd help her rake up the leaves into a HUGE pile then we'd jump in the pile and one time under all those leaves we kissed on the lips, we were both around 8 or 9 years old. still haven't forgotten that.

  22. I was 13, at her house at New Year's with another girl for a sleepover. We ended up sharing a bed, she made me sleep at her end and when we were supposed to be sleeping she kissed me. It went a bit further than I would have liked and it overall wasn't a very positive experience but whatever.. we're still friends!

  23. me thats very recent , with my actual gf

  24. Is it normal in japan to be in a relationship without even kissing?

  25. I was 18 😁 we kissed on our first date on a park bench in front of a lake at the sunset, it was very romantic and magic haha

  26. Second one was a bit rapey if u ask me….

  27. My first kiss was with my first boyfriend. I was 13 years old. He was took me home. Before he leave, he kissed me! I was very shy and so confuse because I didn't expect he kiss me ^^'

  28. I was 18, he was 20. We kissed in a garden park. Never seen him again ._.

  29. Arlekin Vergeltungswaffe

    I cannot be the only one that kissed the screen when Cathy Cat send us the kiss!!!

    Me?? Well, my first kiss was when I was 17, cause, you know, I'm super ugly. Boku wa…..cho busaiku desu!!!
    She stole it from me!!! She called me out of my classroom, she thought I was gay cause she said she wanted to kiss me and I didn't do nothing (what the hell can I say!!!?? I didn't believe her!!! I thought she was bullying me). She was from my highschool but from another career. God bless her and all her charity, like kissing me.

    After that, I washed my mouth with bleach and soap, and never kissed anyone after, because I'm saving myself for Cathy (hearto.gif)

  30. That mum sure looked young.

  31. Kindergarten? U win.

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