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  1. Im a 13yr old lesbian and my girlfriend is planning to kiss me on Sunday😱
    I have no idea wat to do at all , i watched a bunch of tutorials but im still rly scared😳😂

  2. Miraculous Llamas

    Is 12 a healthy age to have your first kiss, I wanna know 'cuz I like someone badly

  3. Big sister😇, i wish u were hahah ❤️

  4. tol but smol crybaby

    god bless these videos 😅

  5. roe and lili baston

    the boy of my dreams likes me back and wants to kiss and I said yes but I'm so scared

  6. Bird Entertainment

    My "first kiss" Wasn't even done by me lol. It was by my ex and he kissed me on the cheek lol It was awkward 😂😂😂

  7. Willow Lindmeier Cagle

    the Billy down the street from me doesn't even have a girlfriend

  8. This rlly helped me xx ty

  9. i had my first kiss at 11 but i don't think it counts for one second

  10. 18 and still haven't had my first kiss. Whoops 😬

  11. youre so gorgeous, love your vids :)!

  12. Victoria Bleszinski

    Why am I watching this I already know how to kiss 😂 haha but great video 🙂

  13. sorry but your cute ass kitten was destracting me from the video

  14. Your stunning 🙂
    Hair routine please x

  15. You really sound like Blake Lively to me

  16. Super helpful thank you 🙂

  17. Alessandra Santamaría

    i had my first kiss at 17 and it was weird af. i dont even think it counts lol

  18. where is that sweater from?

  19. Thank you this helped sooooooo much luv ya girl ❤️

  20. You always do the right topics, thanks!

  21. You are my favorite! 😍

  22. Please do a tutorial on your makeup! It's stunning 😍

  23. I LOVE YOU

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