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True Love – The Couple Enjoying The Romantic Kissing Moments – YouTube Video clips 2

Love is the feeling you get when all you have to do is think of her and it brings a smile to your face and a yearning to your heart.

Love is always in the air as we see romantic couples hugging, kissing, and sharing sweet talks. Embracing and feeling the warm lips of your love one is more than anything else in this world. As your bodies intertwine, it motivates you to fulfill every single day with your partner and face all of the challenges that might test your relationship.

Showing intimacy on your partner helps the relationship grow and nourishing the importance of one another. Kissing and hugging your love one can make him/her feel valued and it is the way of understanding his/her emotions. Love is an enigmatic feeling of comfort, trust, faith, and sincerity towards a significant person.

Love is being helplessly and deeply in love with her and knowing your love for her and your feelings for her will never change/end.

True love is like a flame. All the monsoon rains, hurricanes, and floods cannot put out the flame of love.

True love is the kind of love and affection you have for someone that isn’t bound by the laws of human behavior.

True love is the state you are in when you feel connected, attached, and happy with someone. It is a place where you feel a permanent sense of connection with someone else, regardless of what happens.

True love is about meeting each other’s expectations and loving each other with trust, acceptance, and support. True love is about treating someone with the kind of respect that they deserve because you view them in a loving manner.

True love is about the way you perceive someone. If you can step outside of your ego and see the value in someone else and the value in forming relationships with some give-and-take, then you can develop the mental attitude towards someone that results in a loving bond that can’t be broken.


The feeling of love is a powerful emotion that benefits us in a big way. It helps us maintain relationships, do good things for others, do good for things for ourselves, protect others, and feel a sense of belonging and safety in life. Without the emotion of love, we would feel lonely, scared, selfish, and abandoned.

When you truly love someone, you don’t look for faults, you don’t look for answers, and you don’t look for mistakes. Instead, you fight the mistakes. You accept the faults and overlook the excuses. The measure of love is when you love without measure. There are rare chances that you will meet the person you love and who loves you in return. So once you have it, don’t ever let go.

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