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Top Funny Situation Girl & Boy In One Room| Chatting | Kiss | Tsurezure Children Funny Conversations

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  1. Javare Shakir-fulford

    Wat anime is the one were the mom walked in

  2. I want a 2nd season of tsurezure children

  3. 2:30 anime please

  4. Like yo videos brah. But lemme tell you something. I wear headphones . . . . .Do you have ANY idea how shitty it is to watch a video at a moderate volume only to have you put your sign off segment at SUPER MAX VOLUME?! Dont do that shit. Fix it. Uniform volume thoughout video. Quit blowing our fucking eardrums out. Last 10 videos i watched from you did this. My ears bleed. The bird wont come near me when i yell FUCK and throw my headphones across the room. Put forth a bit of effort in quality control please. Your videos are good but they could easily be better. Also put the damn titles of the anime in there jesus. Its like you dont read the comments section or something. All those sauce requests. Come on man. Thank you in advance from a slightly irritated avid youtuber

  5. 😂😂The last scene

  6. 5:20 why u need to lock your door sometimes

  7. what name all anime in this video 🙂

  8. 3:49 nope, he's your gay wizard

  9. kid Tobi and didira


  10. kid Tobi and didira

    XD I'm kid and I like this

  11. Lol elbow to the cheast

  12. 5:18 😂😂

  13. 2:38 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅

  14. 3:24 player life

  15. Tomanyfandoms Homestuck

    The kitten popping out of the guys shirt was funny cause I didn't expect a cut little cat

  16. Soffia Hjalmarsdottir

    0:20 what anime is it from?

  17. I want all the anime name if anyone knows plzz comment back

  18. Where’s is the rankings

  19. Poop. What I drink.

  20. Can you not use the clickbait title?

  21. 3:30 hat? ?


  23. what ending song you got there? or anyone know that?

  24. what is the first anime

  25. Loki bastards

  26. For all of those who won't read the whole title all of it is from tsurezere children​

  27. What is the name of that anime it funny af lol

  28. what anime is 3:07
    and 1:42

  29. What's the anime at 5:00?

  30. 😂😂😂😂
    kill me now 😂👌😂

  31. 1:34 SNITCH!

  32. Don't watch this with your girlfriend/boyfriend,I'm just saying! I watched this with my GF,after class she slapped me,crazy hoe

  33. Aaron M. Rodriguez


  34. What is the name of the first anime shown cuz non of the anime in description

  35. the ending is fucking hilarious the look on the face of the mom DUDE THIS IS PURE GOLD my body is screaming for part 2

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