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  1. 2:18 Toaru hikushii e no koiuta has a beautiful ost

  2. ღBlack Churgღ

    yosuga no sora? why normal male have just 1 girl he was having all girls whats in anime

  3. How many harems does it take to screw in a light bulb

  4. 4 was my favorite

  5. tf why yosuga no sora is here

  6. nope the last one is a borderline hentai

  7. I can't believe that Yosuga no Sora takes the first place.

  8. thumbnail anime???

  9. intro song?

  10. Littlecutebabymia Msp

    When ur cousin drags u into her room and make u watch this when ur trying to play msp 😟( if u don't know what msp is it's what my profile picture is )

  11. Jill_Of_Trades :

    noticing for the first time an indian watching animé …Reading the comments before watching the video: Hentai manga?!

  12. yosuga no sora power <3 <3

  13. Are they walking on water?

  14. N-1 I watch it a long time ago but I still can't stop asking myself ' WTF IS THIS ' 😀 😀

  15. awesome sauceome

    yes finally sexual content

  16. cool

  17. HelenVillanueva1

    incest is wincest

  18. I just imagine the voice actors grunting and making weird sex sounds into a microphone with the crew watching

  19. Fernanda Melgarejo

    como que el ultimo mocoso es muy aventurero no?

  20. that was a hug not a kiss ._.

  21. kissxsis is number one.. 😀


  23. love it

  24. Wtf did I JUST watch?!?!!

  25. im 11:)

  26. I Don like number 5 so much but I like mio

  27. Attitude Adjustment

    yosuga no sora is worst anime

  28. I'm in love with the Yosuga no Sora's final <3

  29. lol the first one was funny

  30. Am I the first to comment

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