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Top 10 Hilarious Kissing Scenes in Movies

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For this list, we’re taking a look at those tender moments in movies that take a sharp turn from romantic to insanely funny.

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  1. Where is IT 1990 kiss me fatboy scene why isn't it on this list?

  2. #1 – Lioyd became a titan from attack on titan XD

  3. annoys me how men want to see girl-on-girl and everything is fine but when girls want to see guy-on-guy they are laughed at. considering gay male porn is the 2nd most watch porn by women you'd think people would not…

  4. It's a pity TV isn't included – Louis CK and Kate McKinnon would have won for 'Last Call: Drunken Soulmates' in SNL. 'That was…. unworkable.'

  5. i don't even know how diary of a wimpy kid DIDN'T get on this list

  6. Sergio Fernandez

    3 euros.. to be in a movie.. man that borat guys need to pay the actors better.

  7. Get Smart only an honorable mention? 🙁

  8. Lol taledega nights

  9. bad list! No Get Smart

  10. omg the borat one is fing awesome

  11. Ain't nothing funny about being gay. Fucking FAGS need to burn.

  12. The one from Talladega Nights where Ricky Bobby kisses Jean Girard! That's gold xD

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  14. Kiss between Matt Stone and Trey Parker in Baseketball

  15. slutty butterfly

    i'm all about bromance right here…..
    YASS YASS!!!

  16. This list is crazy ! LOL and Jim Carey practically suffocated the woman

  17. I love funny kisses (":

  18. These are the freaking videos that would be much better as a quickie…..

  19. 3 euros ? really ?

  20. Wait. Pam was in blades of glory? I don't remember that at all

  21. The Ultimate gamer /snail

    She's my sister she is also number four prostistute

  22. davidconklin5290

    I didn't laugh at any of these lol

  23. Hi how's it goink? Neat Worp! regular old-fashioned What's your opinion about tjat

  24. Roger Rabbit

  25. Music Man's Ladies Band

    Dumb & Dumber kiss scene was the funniest ever!!!!

  26. Notice how most of these are gay

  27. I'm surprised the ape / human kissing scene between Zira and Taylor in Planet Of The Apes ( 1968 ) didn't make this list! Zira was reluctant because she considered Taylor so damn ugly!

  28. Hilarious !!!!!!!!

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