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– Vanze – Forever (feat. Brenton Mattheus)

– K.Safo & Alex Skrindo – Future Vibes (feat. Stewart Wallace)

– Elektronomia – The Other Side


– Toradora

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  1. Secret_SadisticLover 101

    umm beautifull

  2. excuse me where is Light and L

  3. even saw the naruto vs sasuke final fight…!!

  4. Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! YEEEEEEESSSS!

  5. Sasuke x naruto kiss?

  6. last one is beyond my words

  7. hahaha the last one really turns me on hahahaha 😀

  8. Oh my Gosh so romantic!!

  9. WUTS the thumbnail?

  10. Id be better if there wasent shitty royalty free music playing the entire video

  11. The 1 kiss in end it so WOW


    if i only say the yuri:
    yuri … fuck you fuck you fux you fux you fux you fux you fux you fux you fux you fux you fux you fux you fux you fux you fux you fux you fux u fux u fux u fux u fux u fux u fux u fux u fux u fux u fux u fux fux u fux u fux u fux u fx u fx u fx u fxu fxu fxu fux u fxu fxu fxu fxu fxu fxu fxu fxu fxu fxu

  13. Muhammad Ihsan Fauzi

    Somebody Will Say: "Pervert"

  14. Is the last a lasbien kiss?? Soo kawaiiii😍

  15. Whats the song dude???? Tell meee its awesome

  16. Ooo I got you, you putt kaichou wa Maid-Sama…

  17. Why do they always cry when kissing?

  18. Madison Gillespie

    wtf with the last one (Jesus christ i is scarred)although the lady in the background described me while watching it

  19. sakura-chá Naruto Shippuuden

    Quem é otako manda #SALVE

  20. Wat was the last background music

  21. WTF the first one is Girl X girl

  22. Whats the second song

  23. NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WATCHED PART 1 AND 2, NO TIAGA WITH RYUJI AND NO YUNO WITH YUKI, UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!!!!!! Sorry, not sure what came over me there. I think my inner lemongrab got out of his cage again.

  24. The juniors games FR

    Kirito x Asuna ????

  25. Nicole Sarah Araujo

    Kaishou wa Maid-Sama! ♡♡♡♡Amoooooo

  26. the last part is funny

  27. Que acabo de ver

  28. For me the best kissed are: Ryuji x Taiga and the last Yuno x Yukiteru's

  29. Bruh anime guys r soooo hot 😩😩😩

  30. Seriously, no akame ga kill? Mine x Tatsumi?


  32. tieng anh k vay

  33. Hatsune Nightcore Channel

    at the beggining, when there was Sasuke and Naruto… i laughed so hard! 😂😂😂 (i am not very good in english)

  34. Strahinja Kovacevic

    I kiss my uncle sister and i can't forgive my self for that :'(

  35. Hmm little lezbian but ok

  36. I still think toradora ryuuji × taiga was best

  37. Nani the fuck with #1..!?!?!?

  38. Kalanikoa Kapowai

    Do you like baritone because I am I like watching Maputo it is so cool

  39. Sorry to bother again, but is there any chance that you can maybe add me to your featured channel or is it too much to ask.I would really appreciate it 🙂 BTW Great video 🙂

  40. 3:063:11 I'ma rape you

  41. N tem 1 br

  42. 9:29 is my face when my bestfriends boyfriends comes to my house like wtf why are you doing this in front of me better yet in my house get the fuck*points to door with grin* Lol

  43. the awesome naruto and sasuke fight to

  44. man….if you are using naruto as a theme….atleast add Naruto x Hinata kiss in honarable mentions.
    being naruto fan..i m disappointed.

  45. What hapened at number 1 😑😖

  46. فلوك عراقي

    واو حلو

  47. فلوك عراقي

    واو حلو

  48. Me:awwww

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