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Top 10 First Kiss Scenes In TV

It’s the moment every shipper waits for. Welcome to MsMojo and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 First Kiss Scenes in TV. Subscribe►►http://www.youtube.com/c/MsMojo?sub_c… Facebook►►http://www.Facebook.com/MsWatchMojo Twitter►►http://www.Twitter.com/MsWatchMojo Instagram►►http://instagram.com/MsWatchMojo

For this list, we’re taking a look at the most iconic scenes in television where a couple kisses for the first time. While the interracial kiss between Kirk and Uhura on “Star Trek” is historic, we’ve excluded it since they weren’t a couple. We’ve also left out any kisses in animated programs or anime because they deserve a list of their own.

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  1. Samantha Skelly

    Fits and Simmons should have been on here we waited 3 seasons for them to kiss and that show is the most underrated series on tv!!

  2. uhhhh the Kate and sawyer kiss was way better, Jack was so dull

  3. ross and rachel was an easy 1 but what about glenn and maggie

  4. melodysprings k

    how could you forget tvd… Klaus and Caroline in the woods!!!!that was EPIC!!!

  5. excuse me?? are you forgetting something??? MALEC HAD THE BEST FIRST KISS EVER!!! WHO'S WITH ME???!!!


  7. I thought The Delena kiss happened outside Elena's house and no not when it was Katherine

  8. Stefan and Elena The vampire Diaries

  9. Clever Username

    Was hoping for Calzona :/

  10. Boy meets world!!!!!!! ❤️🌎

  11. REALLY??? Stupid glee is included, but you skip Sara and Grissom on CSI?? Ugh!!

  12. #5 should have been at least #2

  13. Really ?
    No House and Cuddy?
    They were they were the ultimate will they or won't they? So when they finally kissed was incredible

  14. Elizabeth Hawton

    I think Thea and Roy had the best first kiss on Arrow

  15. CheeseBall Twins

    Jim and Pam <3

  16. Mrs. Creeps Anonymous

    jackson and april greys anatomy

  17. Parisinthe1920s

    Thank you for including my magnificent OTP Chuck & Blair! They really had it all: Passion, sexiness, drama, humor, tenderness, angst and tremendous character growth.
    Chuck did some terrible things but he also did alot of selfless things for Blair too: Anonymously giving her the perfect prom with another guy, anonymously paying her dowry so she could be free to date another guy, anonymously sending her application into Columbia, etc. Plus he really grew & changed thanks to her love. You can't deny that by the time little Henry Bass runs into his arms shouting"Daddy" that Chuck has become a better man. And noone loved Blair as unconditionally as Chuck did. He never asked or expected her to change who she was and always liked her strong and powerful, not passive & needy.
    Great first kiss which led to an even greater love story <3

  18. I think we need another one of these lists because there were plenty of good ones you left off

  19. Ryan and Taylor first kiss The O.C

    But Ross and Rachel totally deserved the win! ❤️❤️❤️

  21. Gabrielle Whitney

    Ok, I get why they chose the Angel kiss…but Buffy and Spike's first kiss was WAY more memorable and dramatic. It had SINGING underscoring it.

  22. JD + Elliot ????

  23. WTF no Amy and Sheldon?

  24. Chuck Bartowski & Sarah Walker in "Chuck" could have been there too

  25. Veronica and Logan

  26. Kissing a girl when she least expects it never works in real life. You'll get slapped before you know it.

  27. Bubblegum Bitch


  28. Stewart Sackett

    What about FitzSimmons?

  29. Crystal Pistey-Lyhne


  30. Crystal Pistey-Lyhne

    Kevin and Winnie, Yessss!!😍😘🙆💋🌼🌸🌹🌷🌈🌈🌈💞

  31. I love the carrie diaries
    #sebastian and Carrie


  33. DELENA

  34. BunnySlippers05

    HELLO???? Nick and Adalind from Grimm??

  35. XYZ Kisses Scene

    My Channel All Kisses category video Only

  36. Leo and Piper's first kiss (Charmed) should be on that list. ❤

  37. was watching MsMojo top 10 Tv kisses.I feel you left out the best tv kissing seens.Jay Ryan and Kristin Kreuk in Beauty and the Beast.Season 1 ep.15 and 16 season 2 ep.2 .If you think I'm wrong you need to watch these episodes again.

  38. Gabriela Fonseca

    lydia and stiles(teen wolf), you forgot

  39. I only came for Nathan and Haley and I'm satisfied.

  40. xthepetrovaprincessx

    Stefan and Caroline's first kiss shoulda been included!!!

  41. Alhena di Gemini

    what's the name of the song at 7:40?

  42. You should do Top 10 Couples Before They Started Dating (Haleb should be first)

  43. Ross and Rachel's first kiss was PERFECTION!

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