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Top 10 Best Mindy Project Moments

Top 10 Mindy Project Moments
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The Mindy Project is now in its 5th season so of course there’s been some memorable moments! For this countdown we’ve chosen not only the moments that made us laugh but have included some dramatic and romantic moments as well like when Mindy realizes her mom’s dreams are important, Mindy gives birth, Danny kisses Mindy after the plane turbulence, Danny makes a big gesture on the Empire State Building, when Mindy gets into the club’s VIP section, and more!

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  1. Omg what about "Mindy" and Cliff sexting lol that was hilarious

  2. I really miss Danny. Regardless if he was with Mindy or not, I liked his character. I think Jody was trying to replace him but it wasn't the same. I get that Messina wanted to do movies but it has a huge impact on the show since he was presented as a main character since episode 1. It's like if the cast of Friends all of a sudden were just 5 people in the last two seasons.

  3. Kelly Dos Santos

    bitch when they end it without danny i will find that producer and beat his ass😂

  4. I miss peter 😢💔

  5. Mindy is the best

  6. I honestly love this show… but it hasn't been the same since Danny left

  7. Bethsaida Romelus

    Her makeup is too dark. It's hiding her features

  8. My fav was when Danny stripped for Mindy… Such a funny show.

  9. Harshita chaudhary

    i miss danny!!

  10. Лилия Соловаева

    Pillow descend spend otherwise worried belief demonstration.

  11. Viridiana Espinoza

    dannys dance was the best

  12. Arianna Spencer

    Hey ms. Mojo can you give me a shoutout it's my birthday today and I love your videos

  13. Helen Athanasiadou

    I came here for Utkarsh

  14. The girl on this show probably has the most annoying voice i've ever heard.

  15. i love this show!! So glad u guys made this video. Mindy Project has had some of the best guest stars ever as well.

  16. Team Ben, even though he wears too much product

  17. Sharon Daniella


  18. J'adore Mindy. Can't wait to see season 4 (once it's out on DVD in New Zealand — arrgh).

  19. Gina Riportella

    I have literally been waiting for this! ❤❤

  20. Mindy is so imperfectly perfect.

  21. I'm like two seasons behind b/c it moved to hulu

  22. I still can't get over with how they changed Danny Later on to be such an asshole.

  23. perfectfantasies

    I'll never forgive this show for making Danny so unlikable later on. I was heartbroken.

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