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Top 10 Best Anime Kiss Scenes EVER

Top 10 Best Anime Kiss Scenes Part II
and Best Anime Kissing Moments
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Top 10 Best Anime Kiss Scenes EVER #1

Anime :
Kkokoro connect
Robotics notes
ore no kanojo to osananajimi
monogatari series
golden time
sword art online
highschool of the dead
to love ru darkness
kimi no iru machi
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  1. campione should be first,no naruto should be first

  2. Joseline Robles

    5:49 cutting off there becuase you know where it was going next 😏

  3. gamer legendaire

    lol th last scene its hentai bro

  4. The Leader of the Bunch

    86.6% sure the last one's a hentai

  5. Well, Hentai is a partner of anime…
    we can't judge it…

  6. Taïrah Drowned


  7. What was that last one

  8. last one was awkward lol

  9. last one was hentai

  10. Giovanni Diamond

    what the…the last one is Hentai

  11. hhahahahaha The last one tho xD

  12. whata am i looking at 😖😖😖😖

  13. I have watched the last 'anime' a couple of times 😂

  14. FrostedBadger46 -TheFrostyBadger

    I think I watch too much romance anime because this entire list (and the hentai) I watched all of them before xD

  15. I like sao it's my favorite anime

  16. What was the last one called

  17. Gaming With Z.K

    what's a hentai?

  18. DEATHKNIGHT32980 Tube

    what am i roing with my life but its a good video Lol

  19. last one was a hentai 😂😂


  21. Joly Ann Manaol

    I'm a fan of sex

  22. bruh fucking weebs, why was this vid in my YouTube?!?!?!?

  23. StolenGamer Inc / ストーレンゲーマInc

    Of course they wouldn't add Pokémon XYZ. Of course

  24. Good job keep up

  25. when someone is talking to much

  26. lol last one was a hentai

  27. Is this videos easy to make or is it hard? ;))

  28. special

  29. TRAPzilla GAMING

    you know it's a hentai when you can't see the guys face lolssss…… sorta

  30. don't add a hentai

  31. which ones the last one called? dosent say on description

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