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Top 10 Best And Most Epic Anime Kiss Scenes Of All Time

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Hey guys here is new video about Top 10 Best And Most Epic Anime Kiss Scenes Of All Time!!! This is my personal list and opinion so you don’t have to agree with it but if you do hit like 😀 i didnt include some anime due to copyright!
For better quality of video put it into 720p HD
Thanks for watching and enjoy!
Intro song:bleach op 13
Thumbnail:Maken ki
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  1. Omg

  2. Perché la copertina e di un hentai???

  3. Please stop putting same anime over and over just by changing title..

  4. please tell me the episode kiss scene in high school of the dead. I watch the entire series but can't remember seeing him kiss her. kinda remember seeing him with the blonde

  5. What anime is the thumbnail?

  6. kaichou wa maid sama is one of the BEST animes in history and 110% recommend it for romance lovers 😀

  7. thubnail anime😂?

  8. lol this thubnail ^_^

  9. The thumb nail caught my attention , remember watching the Hentai a couple nights ago Some pretty crazy stuff Japan come up wit

  10. Can you show the dub plz

  11. ITADAKI! Ahah

  12. itadaki seieki best hentai ever for me i think idfn

  13. dude did u really have to use that as a thumbnail

  14. No comment about the thumbnail

  15. Wots da thumbnail

  16. Just Some Guy with a Mustache

    uncomfortable cough I don't recognize the thumbnail. Why? Do you?

  17. what is thumbnail i wanna get sum of that

  18. what is the anime in the thumbnail ? what is the name guys !!

  19. Anime/Hentai in the thumbnail? Research purposes. xD

  20. u failed me again! OMG i already watched all of them :3

  21. Wha whyyy i already watch all of them i need something that i dint whatch yet plss

  22. Erza Scarlet エルザ • スカレット

    Where's toradora T^T

  23. FYI, the last one was just a hallucination and rip season 2 🙁

  24. I remember the comment section for that episode everyone thought the noise of them probably fucking brought all the zombies 😂😂

  25. Someone looked the last episode from Prision School??

  26. holly shit the thumbnail made me puke

  27. Video with echii and action list anime would be nice even harem is good with 2017 title

  28. I'm actually glad you have the Campione kiss on there bcuz that was one of the best kisses always

  29. thank your for all the anime u give me i a very thank ful bin watching for 3 years

  30. Plastic memories is sad af

  31. top love stories maybe :/

  32. He/she is running out of ideas

  33. is number 1 the ova of high school of the dead

  34. Walkthrough Central

    Ok looking forward to it

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