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Top 10 Best And Most Epic Anime Kiss Scene

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Hey guys what’s up,new video here and now about Top 10 kiss anime scene! This is my personal list and opinion so you don’t have to agree with it but if you do hit like 😀 Also i excluded some anime due to copyright!(akame ga kill,sword art online,toradora etc)
For better quality of video put it into 720p HD
Thanks for watching and enjoy!
Intro song:bleach op 13
Thumbnail:Fuuun ishin
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  1. OUTRO SONG PLSS???????

  2. Sensei Jason Chen

    Music ruined video


    what title song? 0:000:11

  4. which song is playing in the background

  5. whats the name of the music

  6. what episode is the one in the shingo and miu
    pls tell me

  7. What is the intro music

  8. dexrter the ripper

    2:09 he got rinnegan XD

  9. شيمه المحمدي


  10. Your number 2 is so biased, it's straight out disgusting.
    They didn't even kiss in the anime / manga, and even IF they did how the hell did you make it number 2 when it was off paneled and you had all those candidates in your list? Complete and utter bias towards a trash character in HOTD who will Never come close to the level of the god tier Heroine, Busujima Saiko, whom already had sex with Takashi and is leagues above whiny, self entitled bitch Rei.

    Campione's Godou x Erica is by far the strongest kiss ever animated. You won't find a hotter kiss scene even in hentai.

  11. Sorry but high school of the dead part they didn't kiss and takashi just had sex whit blue hair girl lol

  12. fuck 😂😂

  13. Gourifairyanime Uchihafairy


  14. Kuzu no honkai??? It has most erotic kisses

  15. Wtf is this epic kiss uhhh🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  16. 1:53 Looks like Travis and katelyn from Aphmau

  17. 🌹😗😗😎

  18. Tell me the last song u used at the end of the video pls

  19. Krulcifer x lux noooo👎🏻👎🏻

  20. Where is the kiss betwen naruto and sasuke

  21. hey where the hell is highschool dxd

  22. reterdedhorse1212

    fuck takashi x rei

  23. lavatrius robinson

    what is the name on the song in the beginning of the video?

  24. It is so sweet

  25. ლ Đɑrҡ Ńҽkɷ Ωųҽҽŋ ლ

    Anyone know the song that playing starting at 3:54?

  26. Bahadir Aslankok

    I really want to watch them, however, I do not want to get spoiled. Can you tell me which one is the best. Just tell me the name of the anime please. I want to see who kisses who myself.

  27. XD LOL

  28. what name of song

  29. Selahh Ramnarine

    at the starting the red haired girl's name is Erza Scarlet from fairy tail thats my favourite anime it rocks

  30. what was that dubstep music at 4:15

  31. song pl? 😀

  32. The SwiftyEmpire


  33. How do u know takashi and Rei kissed?

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