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Top 10 anime kissing moments

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Song : Lilium : Elfenlied

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  1. my favorite on was the one on the playground

  2. skullgirls instinct

    I now understand what they go through

  3. ??????????❤??????

  4. usui: why are you blushing so hard me: 2:46 who's blushing now usui! ha!

  5. Just what I wanted.Keep it up!!

  6. What's the song that's playing on 6:46

  7. There's nothing like a guy who grabs a shirt and kisses the girl.

  8. true #8 is not a kiss is only a hug

  9. at the first one i already know what is it is My Brothers Conflict

  10. Hotarubi no Mori e was one of the saddest films ever?

  11. Despite the fact that a few of these I don't even know…the moment I saw Hotarubi no Mori e on your list, I immediately agreed with your list. 🙂

  12. elfen lied best of all time all 13 episodes

  13. i love Elfen Lied

  14. If anyone here has watched Hotatubi no Mori e, you would know that right after that kiss scene is probably one of the most sad and beautiful scenes to ever exist in anime. I am not joking. He cannot touch humans otherwise he will die, that's why he kisses her with the mask. What happens after that will literally break your heart. Some anime's just don't have happy endings and instead there sad and depressing ;_;

  15. F. Antonio Lopez Incera

    ay ya me encuentro mejor

  16. Number Nine Was My Favorite ❤️

  17. The eight one didn't kiss

  18. My heart melted when watching maid sama

  19. Yahed Omar Perez

    este tío esta bueno

  20. #2 I respect that he was respectful of the girl

  21. My personal favorite kiss is the Chibitalia and Holy Roman Empire kiss. It was so cute!

  22. I want a waffle.

  23. just before number 8 I love you her name then her I get rejected next video

  24. wow number 5 was sad I nearly cried ?

  25. Sapphire Kawashima

    but I watch all of that anime the my favorite is ITAZURA NA KISS I like this video too

  26. Sapphire Kawashima

    I really like the last kissing scene

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