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Here are, in my opinion, some of the funniest moments of the legendary rock band ...


  1. wow what a love story

  2. Jack would've survived if Rose shared the plank together, like that would've make a big difference.

  3. Titanic amor

  4. Am I the only person to think that what everyone interpret as love between Rose and Jack is a mere infatuation felt by an immature girl towards an immature boy that would have faded like a rainbow once the ship reaches the other shore safely ? Her behaviour shows that Rose lacked character and integrity……

  5. For me the best movie ever (despite the end..😥)

  6. Munees Hariharan

    Jack is king of handsomeness……I love him….

  7. jeonnochucumthru taekookfolife


  8. Ariana Camelia super vlog !

    l LOVE Titanic

  9. I Love TITANIC forever

  10. ❄Titanic

  11. Uploaded at my birthday lol

  12. Lovely songs, melodious music

  13. Still a better love than twilight to be honest even though it was short lived

  14. I'm gonna invent Titanic part II and get on it and hope to find Jack. I'd kill to be in Rose's shoes

  15. I love Leonardo DiCaprio and Titanic

  16. When your love life is like this you now you got the right one

  17. true love…….

  18. Natalia Kindserski

    best love story for ever

  19. fucking worse

  20. Jack Greenfield Jack Greenfield

    i love you sweta.. you are everything for me… you are very keen for me .. you have given me love..

  21. unforgetable movie for me

  22. I loved this movie. I cried when he died 😭

  23. اسم اغنيه 😢😢😢

  24. Shreyashi Biswas

    i love it

  25. anil kumar ak

  26. rameshbabu nannam

    love love.

  27. KianPlayz Roblox

    the music made me cry so hard.

  28. Bensherllie SAÜL

    It's magic

  29. Jesus Castro 192

    So…Rose is 17 years old. Which means that unless Jack is at least 17 or 18, I sense that pedophilia may be at play, or at the very least an odd love relationship. Just sayin…

  30. love story in live,moment,

  31. luv you both

  32. best vedio dedicated to this epic love story

  33. awesomen video!!!

  34. I love titanic

  35. 😇😇😇

  36. muskan Bajracharya

    I love you leo

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