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The Vampire Diaries – Stefan Elena – Kissing moments

All beautiful Stelena moments – kisses, hugs and looks. And mood music 🙂

music: Bloodstream
clips below to CW Television

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Enjoy !

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  1. what season is that? S5?

  2. First one is Katherine?

  3. i loveeeeeeee elena and stefan together ! its so perfect its real love<3

  4. elena your an idiot for letting Stefan go for damon you out of your mind he is perfection

  5. 0:59…there ge looks a little bit like edward cullen 😀
    But stefan ist hotter than edward! 😀

  6. I just have two words for them "EPIC LOVE". And in they end it will survive ALL! 🙂

  7. like if you think you should put edwards fist down your throat and bellas foot. xox

  8. @Baby Booth it's season 1 episode 22(:

  9. What episode was the first scene from??

  10. Hey you 🙂 amazing video

  11. To mebeseddie: ummm I belive tht the episode is 1×18 when Stefan is having issues w blood after the tomb vampires tourchered him ecspecially Frederic! 🙂

  12. The best couple of all time <3 <3 Stelena <3 <3

  13. Wife 🙁

  14. cool

  15. It's hard to comprehend how HOT that man is! Best video EVER!!

  16. What is 1:29 and 1:42

  17. isn't he married now ahha!

  18. i enjoyed every minute!!!!!!!!

  19. Stelena!!!!!!!

  20. 6 dislike, nice try Damon 😉

  21. yeah she cares about Damon we all know that but Elena what happened to "I love you Stefan, I love you!"

  22. Don't you miss Stelena?:(..
    I want them back…
    The last episode was great:d… (Love Stelena momets)..
    Want them back!!

  23. stelena forever..i want to see them back in each other's arms in season 3

  24. What episode is 1:13 from?

  25. thats his job

  26. Stelena is so cute! but Delena omg is so hot.. pure pasion and love!

  27. I love you stefan you,tu parles! regarde en arrière éléna,sale menteuse!

  28. Goshhhh it hurts so much not to see their sweet moments in season 3 I want Stefan for Elena coz he deserve her more than Damon He sacrifice everything for Elena & Damon…He will always be the good Guy so selfless….

  29. I Love Stefan ! I Love Paul ! I Love The Vampire Diaries!!! xoxo

  30. STELENA <3

  31. @1:12 Dude! If you'd see my face!!! I was like a 13 yrs old drooling like 8C—————- Gahhhh!!!! That was so fgshzrynrynfgbv <3 !!! Mis them so much!!!

  32. i love you stefan
    X nom nom nom X

  33. Stelena is unrepeatable <3 WE NEED HAPPY STELENA

  34. Dude im soooo team Stefan he's way hotter unlike Damon!

  35. ugh. who tried to put a piano track under this? XD IT HURTS.

  36. @GirlzPowa Who says he is doing it "freely"? Its his job.

  37. What's the name of the song on start?

  38. OMG Paul is so hot and gorgeous! They make such a great couple!!

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