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Here are, in my opinion, some of the funniest moments of the legendary rock band ...


  1. .Cellabration. 击

    anyone here because of petekey?

  2. nintendogggylover03

    The part where he says "It wasn't over, it still isn't over" gets me

  3. harryginnyalways

    who the fuq is josh?

  4. so cheesy

  5. I think its safe to say most of us are here b/c of Josh

  6. well okay, josh

  7. goodness, the very first mystery video I ever did click?? Josh… I will have to click them more often!

  8. who else was sent here by josh? 😂❤️

  9. Who else came here because of Josh??? 🙂

  10. Josh, is your son gonna look like Jesus? (Noah)

  11. like this if you were sent from JoshuaDTVs mystery video lol


  13. yes omg that would be really funny in they did like a dramatic on but also really romantic if they did a serious one

  14. Oh my gosh Josh… :"(

  15. ooh Josh, you're such a romanticus!

  16. How do you Come up with your mysterie videos Josh?

  17. I have never seen this…. and now I want to. Thanks Joshua!

  18. I was sent by Josh 😂

  19. I'm here from Joshua doc check him out he is awesome

  20. Josh, I cried just watching this. LOVE THIS MOVIE!

  21. OMG Josh

  22. Josh .. wth hahaha recreate this!

  23. What the heck josh 😂

  24. What the F josh😂😂

  25. why josh…..

  26. Sent from josh's vlog

  27. Jazmin DesJardins

    Your mystery videos go from random vines to this?! 😂😂 I love you Josh😂

  28. Josh

  29. like if josh sent you here

  30. No postage sundays

  31. Shannomnom Clark

    Lol Josh.

  32. Weird mystery video

  33. Josh

  34. Who else was sent from Josh's vid?

  35. Of course joshua, of course .. Now I wanna re watch it thanks a lot josh haha

  36. Wooowww Josh. I'm questioning how you choose these mystery videos.

  37. The places josh sends you……

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