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The First Time I Kissed A Girl!

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  1. I was 13 when I fist kissed a girl

  2. 2:28 LOL! I have a girlfriend and we've been dating for almost half a year (6 months) and we're still in elementary school (6 grade)!

  3. so you went into the closet, kissed and then came out..
    makes sense 😉

  4. what are u fucking gày

  5. I think your kiss in the closet is the only true first kiss because you remember it so well.

  6. She looks like Cassie Steele.


  8. So when you came out of the closet

    You were lesbian

  9. You look like Demi lovato

  10. "Hi my name is Alana…. and I like to kiss girls."

    Well that's a great intro

  11. I am straight but i did Kissed 2 girls in 1 day 😂😂😂😂😂 don't ask me why😂😭

  12. Jessica Karlsson

    left your bf because he got beat up :O that's mean lol

  13. im so sad a prettier girl like you a lesbian.. 🙁

  14. I'm pretty sure that isn't irony

  15. Well I guess I was there to kiss you. just kidding

  16. You look like Demi lovato😳

  17. you look beautiful

  18. I can't believe you had to go to school on Saturday! lol

  19. your eyeliner is SO on point!

  20. omg is it common for americans to have their first kiss so young? I live in Australia and usually people have their first kisses after 15 or 16

  21. I knew this already

  22. NewWaveMasquerade

    I can't remember mine. It was that forgettable.

  23. Lmfao broke up w him because he beat up

  24. Back when I was in 8th grade something similar occurred. There was an 8th grade girl who would make out with her girlfriend who went to the high school in the back of the middle school. Right next to me. Don't know why they picked the spot I would get picked up from but they did. The universe is full of odd coincidences.

  25. My first kiss ….mmmmm 8 years old…of course dat was playing with a girl in the school…
    My first REAL & LOVE & PLEASURE kiss ….. 12 years old with my first girlfriend…
    And kissing another man…. 15 years old… Remember sister, I'm Pansexual..!!

    Well…. Abrazos and always a sunshine star in you path…your life… your soul..!!
    Buena vibra dsd México.

  26. When you say that thing like, I dont feel anything if I kiss you but I dont like you, sounds demiromantic to me, maybe do a little research.. you might relate <3

  27. my first kiss was with a girl when we were like 7 lmao, i dont really remember but i think we saw someone kissing while play outside and didnt really know what it meant so we just did it. It become the way we said goodbye instead of hugging, until the day my parents saw it and said we couldnt do it because it was wrong. Obviously we didnt think of it as anymore than two bestfriends saying goodbye lol

  28. The first time i kissed a girl.. WOW! I was 18yrs and so was she. I am now bi and the other girl is 'bi curious' lol

  29. I hate you your hairdo

  30. the first time for me was in November. i didnt know her and she grabbed my face the end

  31. I love your hair like this!!! your best look yet <3

  32. Eyebrows on FLEEEEEK

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