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The Best time To Kiss a Guy For The First Time

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The older a woman gets the more frustrating and confusing dating becomes.

There are so many unwrittine rules, rules such as when to kiss a guy, when to sleep with a guy and when it’s ok to ask where the relationships is going.

And the problme is there is so much conflciting inforamtion that makes your head hurt. Right?

Well, today you’re going to learn something to make your head feel a lil better.

We’re going to shine some light on the best time to kiss a guy.

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  1. I will never understand people who have kissing right away, I need from 3 to 4 months just to know a person to decide if I want to be with him, if I have any feelings, to figure him out and stuff. I can't kiss someone I don't love and for love you need to know a person very well. At least 3 months.

  2. I learned yesterday that a kiss in the first date is not a good decision. As it's way too soon for a full compatibility assessment and gives the guy false hope. I found in the second date this guy wasn't the right one and in rejection he was angry as he couldn't understand why I wasn't going on with him again. I won't be kissing a guy in the 1 or 2 or 3rd date if I still have to get to know if we are compatible or not. Thank you for the video Jo

  3. Good video Joe. I have been dating this nice guy for 2 months. We did not kiss until date #2. It was just a peck. This continued and I said to myself where is the passionate kiss after month #1. It took almost towards the end of 6 weeks that he finally gave me that kiss because I needed to know that we had a connection. It was worth the wait🙂

  4. If I really fancy the guy and there's chemistry, I don't see any problem at all with kissing on a first date.

    This seems to be making an issue out of a non issue.

  5. I my self never kiss on the first date. Nor do I on the second date. But that is just me. I have always been that way and I just don't believe swapping spit with a man that I don't know. I have to get to know them better before that happens. And the way I figure it is if they are truly interested in me then they will see that I am being honest with who I am and I don't role that way.
    I know my worth and I'm not changing it for anyone. All I can say is the guy that gets my heart will be very happy, I'm worth the wait. 💕
    Great video. Most people have sex with that person and then are left with nothing. To me if women would start making men court them like they did in the old days there would be less players because they couldn't get just from anyone, they would actually have to work for it and hopefully eventually get to know the woman and fall in love. Maybe I live a fairy tail but my fairy tail is the best. 💕

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