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  1. should of said eat me

  2. Bit her in the ass Lol deserves it 😃

  3. This is fake… Notice how he takes the cap off of his drink before he gives it to get so she can pour it on his head? And a girl in the gray is alone. Does she look like a girl who would go to a NBA game by herself? Much to learn you still have.

  4. the poor teddy

  5. Женя Колембет

    Русские есть?



  7. محنه ااااااااااالف

  8. HAHAHAHAH!!!!! LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL and thats how its done..

  9. Миха Чоткий

    is it fake?

  10. Pauline Deonne Comidoy

    Poor man

  11. This might not be fake cuz its in public

  12. Do they know eachother?

  13. Name of the girl in grey shirt?

  14. What's the song called playing through out this video?

  15. How to switch girlfriends like a boss xD

  16. yeah headphones rip

  17. Bitch got what she deserved😂😂

  18. What's her name

  19. That lady in the first part is a biactch

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