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The 25 Best Delena Kisses [+6×20]

With May 14th looming, I have been thinking about Delena 24/7 and worrying about their fate… I want their HEA so bad!! I’ve always had faith that they would be endgame!! I just don’t want Nina leaving to change that.

That being said, I made this to go back through some of their best moments over the years, a fun way to remember Delena. When I made my kiss countdown before I realized how much Damon and Elena I wanted to include, and decided they needed a whole separate countdown.

I don’t own anything.

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  1. my favourite Delena kiss is number 2 I love how they crash into each other with every single time they kiss

  2. Shan Sweetsummerstar

    I shipped these two from day one, I enjoyed the journey, the ups and the Downs the love and the tears, omg the scene (where he died well kind of) Broke my heart. Same when he came back and she had wiped her memory of their relationship. Then when he had to let her go so bonnie could live… there are too many great memories, with these two.They were without a doubt the best TV couple ever. I know it wasn't the best kiss but I'm glad they were end game.. But if the truth to be told, the real endgame to The Vampire Diaries final was Defan… both Brothers finally found peace… XO. Delena forever…. ❤❤

  3. Am I weird for loving and rewatching all of these scenes? Does that make me bad or inappropriate or just someone who loves this couple?

  4. Adoroooooooooooooooo <3

  5. The last.. The cutiest.. <3


  7. leslie_luvs_life


  8. Vamp_diaries Delena


  9. Vamp_diaries Delena

    i love the rain kiss

  10. I love delena I watched this over and over.

  11. Jeremy is so me

  12. What are all of the songs you used in this video?

  13. song at the beginning of the scene where damon says he's happy?! HELP

  14. Shan Sweetsummerstar

    Nina and Ian pulled off these characters because of the chemistry they both share with each other I hope they can put their personal differences aside and give Elena and Damon the send off they need. Delena forever❤❤❤❤

  15. i think the most underrated kiss of theirs is nr 17 5:59 and the rooftop kiss 17:41. one of the reasons why i love nr 17 is just the way damon is moving up and down on her, and they hardly started anything yet. i just love it because other couples in the show don't do little things like that.

  16. IAm DestinyMckin

    thank you for blessing my day🤗

  17. #19 he is picking her up

  18. i_luv_jaguar_ whats up

    spoiler alert-(do not continue reading unless uv seen season 6)- Elena gets bonded to Bonnie's life and is asleep untill Bonnie dies- season 7

  19. Could someone tell me if Nina come back in season 7 or in season 8 ? I didn't see it yet.

  20. linda the gymnast

    like if you love delena ♡

  21. What about when Elena says goodbye. That one was good

  22. that are the best eat couple in the world I'm have a crush on this boy and he is exactly like damon and my sister told me I look like Elena and my friend told me the guy I have a crush on has a crush on me and is gonna ask me out yaya

  23. *heavily breathes* *girl boner*

  24. What is the name of the 7:36 minute song?

  25. ANIMALS R MY LIFE i luv animals

    #25 is my favorite kiss of Damon and Elena ever😚😘😇😘😇😍😘TIED WITH #2 AND #8 ………….EQUALLY 😍😇😚😘😇😘

  26. RoShanda Townsend

    What episode is kiss #6

  27. Rosalinda Cazares

    I love Elena and Damon together because when Elena was not sired to Damon she still wanted to be with Damon and Damon and Elena are a really good couple in so many different way team Damon and Elena♥♥

  28. please let this be how the series ends. Delena must be the endgame of TVD. They are the most destined couple ever. They need their HEA so I can watch them fall in love over & over & over & over & over & over ….

  29. Can someone tell me what episode number 2 is please and thanks 👌

  30. what's the song at 3:39

  31. carollyn campbell

    honestly I think Damon and Elana are cuter than her and Stefan

  32. what is the music at 3:53

  33. I don't even watch the show buy they are awesome. They are perfect for each other

  34. come on man

  35. Brooklyn Darling

    The fight at the beginning:
    Damon: Than stop loving me
    Elena: I cant
    Damon: that's the problem
    Elena: this has to end
    Damon then kisses her and ……..

    No the only one that finds this adorably cute and funny at the same time

  36. Number 17😍😍😍

  37. i particularly enjoyed the scene when damon corners elena to the lockers at school and tell her that he wanted to just tear her clothes and kiss every inch of her body. then elena greatly hesitated to say that it was a bad idea.
    season 5 episode 17

    this was awesome bcuz it was when they agreed that their relationship was toxic and they were bad for each other and broke up. it shows how deeply each of them are consumed by the other's love no matter the imperfections.

  38. I love how when they kiss it's like it's there first time all over again delena forever

  39. In love with the first one

  40. kiss 8 shouldn't count because that was actually katherine, not elena

  41. everytime I see these two together it makes me cry they are the perfect couple :')

  42. Fanservice.

  43. Alba gonzalez justo

    kiss 17, what episode?

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