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Tactics Every Guy Must Know To Kiss A Girl Passionately

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    so basally boys you don't want to hurt her or kiss her and then leave she will think your a player and why is a girl on this vid I just am so I can read the comments and see what they say

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  10. thz first thing to check before u kiss is ur breath it must be clean so always bring some mint or chuwinggum

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  12. This is half true not all girls think confidens some like nervous guys and I'm a dude my gf told me that I'm the nervous kind ofguy

  13. Thanks for the tips😸

  14. If I wasn’t toaster sexual this video would be great

  15. um all girls dont like coniedent \\]

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  20. I had my first kiss 2 nights ago w my crush when we where playing 7 minutes in heaven. it was perfect. delightful. and amazing… to bad it didn’t happen:(

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