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  1. Sorry Megs, but that's one ugly nose you got there.

  2. She is British and part of British History.
    America is British and Indian.

  3. Breezy’s subliminals

    Beautiful woman

  4. Princess Diana

  5. If marrige with Prince Harry doesn't work out, Meghan and Patrick can always get together because they have an amazing chemistry together.

  6. What's season is 5:04

  7. I hate that with the last season or two they were never like the way they used to be. Everytime I see Meghan act like she is crying or showing emotion its incredibly endearing and the reason why I love her character. Why their romance works so well.

  8. She is like a lifetime tv actress..just ok in acting.

  9. He looks like a little boy

  10. She's Hot!

  11. I am gonna miss her

  12. Cada panchita quiere casarse con un blanco. 😉

  13. She's a natural actress, for her suitor they should of picked another guy, no chemistry with this one

  14. Disgusting Meghan

  15. wow.. The Prince will be jealous..

  16. She’s really good at acting and she’s gorgeous!!

  17. Vladimir Steinberg

    Prince needs to study this!!!!

  18. Princess rachel then..

  19. Well, she's not a great actress. But she's definitely a very very nice person. Prince Harry, congratulations!

  20. prince harry's wife… hope he enjoys watching this

  21. At the end of the day we have two people who love each other. What has colour got to do with it. Wish the media can stop talking about her ethnic background and that she is mix race. So so negative 😔

  22. princess Meghan!

  23. I love them!

  24. The moment Mike got out of jail..❤

  25. Use to be one of the hottest couples on tv until her love life changed.

  26. Prince harry.

  27. Ditiro Jimmy Segang

    She's pretty! And for a 35 year old she looks way younger!

  28. jasraj singh gandhi

    What was that at 7:11

  29. I dont find her attractive I dont know why!

  30. MarchRosewater Alyss

    He loves her, said that in the first minute.

  31. why did she cry

  32. nice video…Βravo !

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