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  1. "Twoooo tic tacs" 😂 this is why i love you sonia ❤

  2. LMAOO OMG "Boob crack"

  3. val_shipper_of_larry xxx

    YOU ARE SO FUNNY OMG HAHAHAHHAHAHHAH Seriously so funny when you make your voice deeper IT MAKES THE STORY SOOO FUNNIER HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH And omg when you said that fater your ''kiss' (2nd story) you were like 'wow.' I JUST SAID THE 'WOW' JUST BEFORE AND I WAS LIKE OMG I MADE THELEPATY WITH HER HAHAHAHHAHAHAHHA OMG XDDDDD so yeah hihihi love u xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Rainbow Unicorn

    Honestly, your storytimes are the BEST thing ever like they are so funny and relatable and entertaining

  5. Brittany Knight


  6. HAHAHAHAHAH i love you so much

  7. Had me laughing the whole damn time.

  8. I'm fucking dying lmaoooooo

  9. Natalie Javier

    ASB kids, never liked those kids 😂

  10. Man i would've just sucked the tic tacs back in my mouth tbh

  11. Once a guy I wasnt into tried to kiss me but i moved away to dodge his lips and HE ENDED UP KISSING ME ON THE EYE

  12. Tiffany Nguyen

    Tic Tacs hhaha

  13. xxbowsandflowersxx

    I kissed this one guy in a club a couple of months ago just so that I had my first kiss and I thought it was so gross omg but I don't really think he did something wrong… but I was still just so disgusted? I'm honestly so scared that I'm asexual…:(

  14. this video made me scream omg lol

  15. I don't usually like storytime videos but I rlly loved this video bc I can relate to this so much bc I've had such awkward kisses with awkward people lol

  16. Hahah this was hilarious. I love the deep voice part for the climax of the story. Thx for sharing :-)))

  17. Alexandra Ross

    crying omfg

  18. Shannon's Vegan Adventures


  19. The tic tac story is the funniest thing I ever heard in my entire life

  20. OMG I laughed so hard, it was hilarious 😂😂 I guess I'm glad I had my first kiss at 18 yo XD

  21. This is hilarious😂

  22. i never kissed a boy before I made out for the first time, and I was drunk but it was really good though 😅

  23. The GLOW GIRRL 😍

  24. "Moist tick tacks in my boob pocket" 😂😂😂

  25. I'm so dead 😂

  26. lol I loved this video

  27. You're so good at telling stories!

  28. LMAOO Sonia this is the best video I've seen in such a long time 😂


  30. I feel like everyone's first make outs were so bad but mine suprisingly wasn't 😂

  31. ot a couple moist tic tacs in my boob pocket. DED. that's a fire rap lyric lmao

  32. 💔💔💔 lmao I love your stories btw

  33. Weird mouth tongue fight bahahhaha

  34. sadie sunflowers

    "…….. so anyway guys!!!!" lmfao. you move on so quickly from it. love you sonia.

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