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  1. OfficialDamienUmeroglu

    Why do you wear makeup your so BEAUTIFUL already, Love you gorgeous

  2. I have the same bed sheets as you😲 wooowww

  3. dude that song. i wish i could find it

  4. What's your sc

  5. funny asf

  6. Guys aren't all that.

  7. react to Rdcworld1 vs Berleezy!

  8. I like that song in the back ground

  9. ik I'm late af 😭💀buhh gud u see bk up on ur feet N grinding love u deja!!!!!😍😍😘😘


  11. There's that cute girl. Bringing out her amazing smile.

  12. Imprint Child223

    Deja Tbh Your Chill And Your Cool Girl Like Yhur That Kinda Girl I Would Take Trips With And Yhur Pretty And Have A Nice Personality😎😇

  13. Wow

  14. The X-ecutioner

    Deja got my team on

  15. A E S T H E T I C S

    Ayee she got happier👍😄

  16. Iove you👄👄

  17. i know you don't react to music but can you please react to starboy / false alarm

  18. I'm not a homophobe, but…

    still love u thoo💓✌😜

  19. KingBuckets The SwagGod

    If you were my gf 😍😍😍

  20. i 💘 ur videos keep up

  21. first thought when I saw the title, "woah deja did what" lol

  22. katy perry I kissed girl and I liked it

  23. how the hell are you so gorgeous fuuuuuuu

  24. Feeling tht Chicago shirt.

  25. dam u fine and u kissed a girl wow can't wait to tell berleezy that

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  28. My first kiss was with this skinny unattractive white girl in my kindergarten class outside. I was running and she came up in front of me and our lips touched like some cheesy chick flick. I was so disgusted I started crying like a little punk 😂

  29. To be honest us guys love two girls dat ho out with each other

  30. don't let me get on yo baby Dick face ass

  31. i have never clicked on a video faster lmfao 😂😂😂

  32. I fr dont

  33. what do you record with but nice video btw.

  34. it is good to see you up and running again. i love you and your video story times.

  35. What's up deja!

  36. good to see you still working hard i remember when you had 1000 subs, just so happy for P.S. great storys

  37. deja you from North Carolina

  38. kyuubiOV3RDRIVE

    lmao i died when you said your dad said who you talking to. LOL XD

  39. TYFLyGuy_ Channel


  40. Deja will you be my Mom 😁

  41. Lol glad that your ok tho 🙂

  42. keep uploading like vids

  43. can u Pls unblock me on snapchat

  44. Thanks sounds sexy as hell.😂😂😜lol

  45. Lit

  46. Quadarion Freeman

    im glad to see ur all better now stay up keep grinding 💯💯💯✊✊

  47. kenny master of gaming

    heyyy 😲😇😂😂😂 I'm bless DAT I watch your vids because I love them

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