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7 Ways to Kiss a Girl the First Time – And Have Her Kiss Back!

I’m giving you SEVEN incredible Kissing Casanova lines to get that cute girl to pucker ...


  1. OfficialDamienUmeroglu

    Why do you wear makeup your so BEAUTIFUL already, Love you gorgeous

  2. I have the same bed sheets as you😲 wooowww

  3. dude that song. i wish i could find it

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  5. funny asf

  6. Guys aren't all that.

  7. react to Rdcworld1 vs Berleezy!

  8. I like that song in the back ground

  9. ik I'm late af 😭💀buhh gud u see bk up on ur feet N grinding love u deja!!!!!😍😍😘😘


  11. There's that cute girl. Bringing out her amazing smile.

  12. Imprint Child223

    Deja Tbh Your Chill And Your Cool Girl Like Yhur That Kinda Girl I Would Take Trips With And Yhur Pretty And Have A Nice Personality😎😇

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  14. The X-ecutioner

    Deja got my team on

  15. A E S T H E T I C S

    Ayee she got happier👍😄

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  17. i know you don't react to music but can you please react to starboy / false alarm

  18. I'm not a homophobe, but…

    still love u thoo💓✌😜

  19. KingBuckets The SwagGod

    If you were my gf 😍😍😍

  20. i 💘 ur videos keep up

  21. first thought when I saw the title, "woah deja did what" lol

  22. katy perry I kissed girl and I liked it

  23. how the hell are you so gorgeous fuuuuuuu

  24. Feeling tht Chicago shirt.

  25. dam u fine and u kissed a girl wow can't wait to tell berleezy that

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  28. My first kiss was with this skinny unattractive white girl in my kindergarten class outside. I was running and she came up in front of me and our lips touched like some cheesy chick flick. I was so disgusted I started crying like a little punk 😂

  29. To be honest us guys love two girls dat ho out with each other

  30. don't let me get on yo baby Dick face ass

  31. i have never clicked on a video faster lmfao 😂😂😂

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  33. what do you record with but nice video btw.

  34. it is good to see you up and running again. i love you and your video story times.

  35. What's up deja!

  36. good to see you still working hard i remember when you had 1000 subs, just so happy for P.S. great storys

  37. deja you from North Carolina

  38. kyuubiOV3RDRIVE

    lmao i died when you said your dad said who you talking to. LOL XD

  39. TYFLyGuy_ Channel


  40. Deja will you be my Mom 😁

  41. Lol glad that your ok tho 🙂

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  46. Quadarion Freeman

    im glad to see ur all better now stay up keep grinding 💯💯💯✊✊

  47. kenny master of gaming

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