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Here are, in my opinion, some of the funniest moments of the legendary rock band ...


  1. Stelena should be endgame.

  2. i think Stefan & Elena will be like Dan & Serena in Gossip Girl. Love each other from the very first episode, then break up, then get back together in the last episode. So don't worry, guys. Stefan and Elena are made for each other. Just like Dan & Serena. ^^

  3. Omg I love this song??????

  4. i love stelena❤❤❤?

  5. what happens to those moments

  6. Spoby and Stelena

    I LOVE THESE two so much they are my life when they broke up i feel like a chunk of my heart just got thrown away and burned

  7. First time watching TVD, Omg Stelena!! ❤️ Wait actually Delena ❤️❤️
    Second time waiting TVD, Stelena is so cute ❤️ Delena is just sex….

  8. At 0:20 to 0:24 ? Bitch say whaaaa?

  9. ZaraBlovemusic 21

    I love Damon Damon is the ultimate guy but I feel like Damon is the guy you have the best time with as a young adult to 30 but Stefan is the guy you would marry and spend your life with idk I'm weird

  10. Stelena Forever ???

  11. Stelena all the way. Seeing them happy makes me happy honestly. Its an incredible love, so many emotions, so much passion and so epic. Why the hell did they break up, it was like I'm breaking up with my boyfriend tbh. I know that whoever is reading this is probably thinking I'm crazy, but what I also know is that some people will understand me and maybe there are ones who are as crazy as me and taking this shit too serious. But I love them, and the more I'm watching vids like this, the more I'm gonna cry and hate my life bc i will probably never have someone like stefan

  12. i hope they will be together agaaaainnn ???

  13. 2:10 was when my favorite scene started

  14. I love stelena all the way cause hey soooo cute

  15. qual o nome da música?

  16. Love

  17. Duda Garcez Ferreira

    2 scene: episode?

  18. Why did she choose Damon? Stefan is just perfect. Oh please they gave to get back together.

  19. the knly reason i STOPPED watching tvd was bcos I realized that she's gonna go to demon……Delena yuck!
    I hate them

  20. whats the song that starts at 0:55?

  21. Fml? legit can't breath

  22. what is the name of the first song please?

  23. Аришка Архипова

    пожалуйста скажите , что за песня??

  24. i feel like the writers and the producers felt like stelena was a little too perfect?

  25. Аришка Архипова

    Скажите что за песня в начале?!????

  26. tbh this used to be my otp but now its delana

  27. love lindos

  28. what is the name of the song?

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