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  1. What show is this? 💙

  2. mmm, I do not think she looked that gorgeous. She was afterall an average ugly women of that period. (not that now english women are pretty, they just wear more makeup)

  3. this show is good but I think that there is not (and never will be) any comparison with "The Young Victoria", which in my opinion is the best fictional representation of Victoria and Albert's love story.

  4. Never has Piano Playing been seen to be so sensual and romantic. I had no idea that Jenna Louise Coleman could play so well. When she talked about Schubert, it was mentioned in "Carol" starring Cate Blanchett & Rooney Mara (who also play Piano). Cate Blanchett was also holding a Book featuring Schubert's Music. Rooney Mara can play a Mean Piano as seen on The Cleaner starring Benjamin Bratt. She played Billie Holiday in Carol.

  5. God, The Marriage Proposal was more Romantic than anything I've ever seen on The Bachelor (USA). How those men Romanced their women in those days was so beautiful. It almost makes you want to go back in time just to have that one night of passion.

  6. I love the scene where she proposes to him.

  7. God, I love them. He was truly the match to stand up to her, even if their characters are so different! I've only gotten to the point of the series where this vid ends. But I'm so excited for what's next. 'Cause I know that in reality, they had one of those legendary love stories, lived for 21 blissful years together, then he died prematurely and she mourned him forever and missed him forever, wearing black clothes up until her death. They had 9 kids and 34 grandchildren. :O And she is so spirited and he is so quiet, she's a force and fire, he's intelligent and calculated and takes her off guard most of the time with his thoughts and ideas, standing up to her feisty spirit and recognizing it. But he's also very protective of her and he's her rock. I also love how he confuses her sometimes, and they do not apparently like each other in the beginning, though the sexual tension is evident. They made a good team. And she is so petite right next to him! XD

  8. I adore theeeeem

  9. The fact that they were dating during all this

  10. They make a good couple.

  11. The only man with a mustache that I find attractive

  12. 3:40 what crazy as shit word is that? never heard it and I am german.

  13. How do you spell that german word at minute 3.50?

  14. I love how he just pulls a knife from his boot like it nothing

  15. It's nice to know that not all royals and nobles were forced into loveless marriages. Sometimes, happy endings do exist…

  16. I am so deeply in love with this series!! Makes me think that it would be better if I live in 19th century 😂

  17. the funny thing is that they are dating in real life

  18. maybe she has lived a thousand lives💖

  19. Does anyone know a song name of a four-handed performance?

  20. What is title of the series??

  21. I love them and their outfits 💟💟💟 she asked him to marry her awwww

  22. At first I really liked her and M but then the way Albert came into it all slow mo, I knew in that moment that i was ready for this ship

  23. shes got a really good nose and a pretty face ofcourse.

  24. Jenna has the cutest nose. Only Julie Andrews' nose is more perfect.

  25. ElberethOhGilthoniel

    He couldn't propose because she was a queen or he just didn't want to?

  26. Shraddha_angels •••

    Romantic moments equals almost the whole show because whatever they do together is so god damn adorable!!❤️❤️

  27. Aislinn Slider Yes👰👦love

  28. sólveig Diðriksdóttir

    I thought​ Romans was dead on till now

  29. Tom Hughes you are so attractive with a mustach, even better if some beard…

  30. Jaqueline Luciano

    oh they're so cute😍 what film us this?

  31. Awesome video 😍. ❤️this series ❤️ the chemistry between them the proposal 😍😍💕

  32. I enjoyed the film.very good acting done by all.

  33. donde puedo verla en español?

  34. ʏu-ċһѧň єţ mıҡѧ һʏѧҡuʏѧ

    Tom is way more atractive in real life😂😂 The first time I saw him in Albert's character I was like "Yerk"… And then when I saw him in real life with Jenna, I was "Well…actually he isn't so bad." At first I also asked myself how Jenna could kissed him but without the haircut and the mustach he is more then okay😂

  35. I don't watch the show, so my question isn't meant to be to antagonize people… But is it me or those he never seem to smile?  😮

  36. A. Margarita Camacho

    ahora lo que sino he podido leer es si relmente era tan bajita como lo exponen en los primeros capitulos lo que he leido no hacen menicion de su estatura
    pero igual me encanta la serie

  37. A. Margarita Camacho

    pues les cuento y espero puedan traducir , a mi me encanto cuando el tio losmando a llamar , la llegada de los principes ese momento cuando el se le acerca a ella en el piano fue el mejor momento , la expresion de ella al verlo es hermosa la serie no soy de ese pais pero me gusta mucho la historia y leerla y ver la libertades que nuestra actualidad ha hecho en llevar su vida y primeros años de reinado a la tv. los felicito de verdad , me gusta mucho

  38. They are too sweet together 💕

  39. Yes, this is my favorite series since Pride and Prejudice. Well done!!


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