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  1. # Im giving tounge

  2. Vulkanzed Gaming

    halo reach is my favorite halo of all time

  3. Wish I had friends…

  4. It was when I fell because I fell into one of those garages that go into the ground and it was solid concrete and I broke my arm but after it was all healed I got on my bike again and rode it all by my self

  5. Lol

  6. Victoria let's chat sometime you look familiar I want to say like my future girlfriend

  7. You know that unwanted point when your nephew (who’s been a loser always, I have to say) gets a beautiful girl to fall for him in a couple of weeks?! Absolutely, that basically materialized. I am aware that I ought to think well done, however I want it to be me. He stated he used the Cupid Love System (Google it). I want to hide inside a cave at this moment…

  8. aww cute story! Yea i had my first kiss in like the 2nd grade and now i'm in the 9th grade! well i say HI! 🙂

  9. Awesome story:)

  10. im in mexico
    its diferent here xD

  11. I am a pro on mw3

  12. Cool story bro

  13. My first kiss was in 3rd grade now I'm in 7th

  14. Fernando Gallegos

    Aye brysi was your girlfriend in 6th is that your wife right now

  15. I'm not saying my age I'm young tho but In 6th grade and now I will have my first kiss most likely u did brysi but if u did be mean about saying ur gay or lame or stupid because u didnt kiss a girl well get a life

  16. Right. I'm irritated. My brother lives in the neighboring room and he just became brilliant at seducing gals. The guy found the Master Attraction website by Jake Ayres (Look in Google). All he's doing now is fucking women. He's constantly having ladies back. I can't help but hear it. It's nasty and If only he never discovered that site. My best friend just signed up and got a blowjob a week later.

  17. the first time i road my bike when i was 4 i broke my nose i dont know if i can relate the first time i kissed a girl to my first time riding a bike

  18. Machinima Outsiders

    hey man calm down hes just letting brysi know

  19. I'm in diapers and I starred in 8 porn movies

  20. Im such a loser im 13 almost 14 and im 7th grade and havent had a girfriend or a Kiss :/

  21. Thomas Judikinas

    Im gettin a gf next year and i will wail at least a year to kiss her, only because i need to get to know her a and have a good connection with her

  22. Im 11 and ive had 5 girlfriends and ive toungued them

  23. i just started to ride with scarpes

  24. LittleKiller1476psn

    Wow brysi is good at explaining

  25. LittleKiller1476psn

    Like a boss

  26. LittleKiller1476psn

    Lol im in 6th grade and my gf told me to kiss her tommorow and i never kissed a girl my whole life besides my mother xD and i nver holded hands with my gf xD

  27. YAY!!

  28. Why did you nade your teammates so many times? xD

  29. jackson carpenter

    I am in sixth grade but I held a my girlfriends hand in kindergarten but we did not kiss

  30. I never used training wheels 😛

  31. CameronDoesItAll ItAll

    Oh and how you kiss not just go with the flow I'm gonna be 99 years old and never even kissed a girl or even hold a girls hand I'm gonna die sad and lonely I might even be 10 years old and die that's how old I am right now

  32. CameronDoesItAll ItAll

    My couch thinking how bad I have it goodbye

  33. CameronDoesItAll ItAll

    I feel like such a loser I can't kiss I'm just a wussy I'm scared of alot of things like being alone I am ugly my teeth are messed up I'm gonna grow up to be a need if that's gonna happen I might as well dump my gf give up all my money and my life im always getting bullied so now i get pulled out of school for something I didn't even do now I'm home schooled and I work so hard I get headaches at least you and everyone else can kiss a girl and have a good life so you can enjoy it while I sit on

  34. AndrewTheGamingG0D

    My first gf 4th grade

  35. it is like 86% of guys want a girl to make the first move, just go for it is all i can say, if your close but havent kissed yet try wrestling it always makes things more fun.

  36. Yea this is weird every girl i meet just gets mad at me for no reason

  37. Im only 13 and i went out with 3 r 4 girls o yea and i am in ireland first really really awkward. Lasted 10 sec.

  38. i remember my first kiss i messed up and now im good at it

  39. Im in 6th grade now

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