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Pretty Little Liars – Top 10 Ezra and Aria (Ezria) Moments :)

My top 10 Ezria moments 🙂

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  1. Spoby all the way

  2. Julian Bluefeather

    This show was so messed up. Today I found out this girl in my grade has been banging our 23 year-old teacher. He's probably going to get fired, and may never teach again. That type of relationship is wrong, and this show made it seem okay. She might have watched it.

  3. The last one made me cry

  4. Daniela Hernandez

    The look on Ezra's face when she was unzipping her coat in front of the class was priceless

  5. tbh Ariah is a good kisser lmao XD

  6. Mamamia Tamia Tamia washington

    The last one is my favorite!!!!! I love how she just runs up to him like that…………..❤️

  7. When it's 5:00 AM in the morning watching Ezra and Aria clips OMG #fangirl anyone realating?

  8. #8 is my best too

  9. Michelle Colmenares

    the crazy realy

  10. Whats the song they played on the episode that they first met. (in the beginning of the video)?

  11. song on first scene?

  12. He is so good looking like fr I want a strong handsome whiteboy ☹️

  13. In the part "It's so hot in here" When they first started kissing watch Ezra's tongue. Image Aria having to kiss him lol 👅

  14. I ship Aria and Ezra # Ezria I ship Hanna and caleb ❤ # Haleb 😚 and we all ship spencer and Toby #savespoby

  15. Chester The Jester

    Meh, with my parents, it's a 5 year difference.
    A 6 year difference is literally nothing later on.

  16. they were my favorite omg

  17. what's the name of the song in the 0:40 sec? someone knows?

  18. Thanks for feeding my obsession!!! 😅😅😅

  19. the car rain scene is gorgeous. good choiced mate

  20. Although the fact that he was an adult and she was a teenager was troubling enough even though their age difference wasn't that dramatic, it's the fact that he intentionally romanced a teenage girl in order to get information and write a book that is sick. Not only that but he watched her and her friends get tortured by A for years and never did anything about it. That's truly sickening and wrong.

  21. I think my heart stopped a little when Ezra says forgive me…
    #7 is the best in my book💗

  22. Ezria is my fave 😍😍😍

  23. UnderTrashDoggie

    If you can't get a girl back get her in your car and say forgive me shes obviously going to say no and just get closer and say it again and BAM! Relationship Fixed xD

  24. Jennifer Cruz Cerna

    k first episode what bathroom are they in girls or boys I'm confused

  25. Like if you are watching this after the proposal !!!

  26. OMG ezria is like the cutest couple of PLL!!!!😍😍😍❤❤

  27. it looks like he's a really bad kisser!

  28. And now the PROPOSAL❤️❤️

  29. #8 will be my favorite for a long time cause that's when I first started shipping them

  30. that's illegal dumbass and u act like it's a good thing 😠

  31. Karin Hermansson

    there is not much difference in their older and they are so cute together . it feels really mean that those who made ​​the series and chose scenes aches certainly did ezria scenes carefully. I consists of ezria and has put up pictures of them everywhere

  32. Liveinthemoment 30

    whats the song when they kiss in the rain in the car

  33. His*

  34. I love #2 the best though. Also, I'm really giving up on aria and how many times she cheated on him or gave up on him or treated him like trash. He kicked Jackie out of him office for her! She let all of those guys kiss her👿

  35. I swear, the person who made this has an epic mind with how these scenes stood out the most as the cutest scenes. I couldn't agree any more. I seriously cried threw all of these parts in the show except I would add on how cute they are at the ball!

  36. in fairness its a six year difference which isnt THAT bad


  38. Holy fuck Ezra makes me moist

  39. anyone notice how their first nights song is the same as ross and Rachel's first night song?

  40. please I'm desperate lol

  41. "Forgive me…"


  42. #8 is my fav tho!!!

  43. My favorite scene isn't in here! Anyone remember the one where they're making out on the couch and her dad calls and leaves a msg?! They shoot up so fast it's hilarious!

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