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Preparing To Kiss Bae For The First Time

I haven’t been on YouTube in a while but I’m back and I’m better *in my bryson tiller voice*. Hopefully this video helps you prepare to kiss bae for the first time LMAO.

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Hair By: Joliegirl
Video: Mo4Ya Productions

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  1. rayraycraycray 143

    Lol i'm 12 Wtf xD

  2. Desmond Williams

    I'm 25

  3. love the song in the beginning… anyone kno wat its called?

  4. u funny asf I like your videos u are beautiful u are funny in your videos and I liked the ice challenge u did with brook it was pretty funny ???? u and brook seem cool and y'all pretty and funny asf I be watching your videos on Facebook my name is Try ?? u and brook y'all need to do another ice challenge it was so funny when u was trying to get out that tub wit that ice in their

  5. When summerella makes u love lil yachty in the beginning

  6. Ok guys so , "all you ladies pop ur p**** like this" …. like if that's all u heard after that ???

  7. this sound like she tryanna get laid not ah kiss.????

  8. Her hair gives me life????

  9. Minnesota dont make no sense in the beginning of the song

  10. Now I Wish I Had Two Deep Dimples Now CAUSE I ONLY HAVE FUCKING ONE

  11. Hey Summerella today I came home from school but I was frustrated about my work but when I watch your videos you always make my day because your so funny ???

  12. How to be a youtuber For Life

    dem dimples make me so jealousshe's so damn beautiful

  13. You are too damn funny!

  14. SisSavagegirls 04

    thank you that helped me so much

  15. I was just listening to that song

  16. @14:41 lmaooo??

  17. Would it be best to kiss them standing or sitting?

  18. What Lashes Does She Where ? I Really Want These !


  20. Chaynia's world Powell

    U da shiittttt???????????????❤️????????????????????????

  21. BabyTaylor. XoXo


  22. Yogurl_ Chanelle

    The background music distracts me bruh ???…..your taste A1 ??I love you

  23. im bout to turn 13 so yea

  24. I'm 12

  25. little MurMur 100

    what if you are 13?

  26. I love your personality

  27. she look like keke palmer

  28. I thought one guy liked me MAYBE, but then I stabbed him with a tac….so idk now

  29. christina courageux

    but what if he thinks you want the d and then u said no and he leaves you -_- lmaoo omg

  30. I'm 16 and it sound like u trying to do sum else

  31. Her Blank Canvas

    Her laugh and smirk got me dead ??

  32. Wrong music choice? when she started playing the songs I got waaaayyy too distracted

  33. President of La La Land

    I repeated 1:301:34 so much because it sounded SO GOOODDD!!

  34. The reason I love her, she reminds me of my bestfriend! They are so alike bro!

  35. you you even have a boyfriend

  36. This video geeks

  37. low-key litt at the beginning??

  38. i was getting it I hitting the reverse get it gurlll

  39. I got distracted by my neck my back ???????


  41. you really need to get back on frfr

  42. This song lit at the start yass summerella?

  43. The song from lil yatchy "minnesota" was in the begginging of the video and my favorite song ??

  44. your so pretty

  45. They way she was explaining some of this made it seem like she was talking bout more than just kissing

  46. Jaya The Greatest

    I Can't Take Her Serious ??????

  47. girl you go get somebody pregnant

  48. Yesssssss I live in Minnesota

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