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pll – spoby – spencer and toby all the kisses

Spencer and Toby – all the kisses so far 🙂

List of episodes & songs:

First clip Ep 1×19
0:51 Ep 1×21
1:32 Ep 1×22 Yael Naim – far far
2:08 Ep 2×03
2:18 Ep 2×03 Haley Taylor – how good we had it
3:03 Ep 2×06
3:50 Ep 2×06
4:06 Ep 2×07
4:19 Ep 2×11 Poison & wine – the civil wars
5:03 Ep 2×15
5:35 Ep 2×25
6:31 Ep 3×01 Anya Marina – hot button
8:17 Ep 3×02 Lianne La Havas – gone
9:00 Ep 3×05
10:08 Ep 3×06
10:38 Ep 3×12 Bear attack – the backpack song
11:27 Ep 3×12 Aandrew Belle – in my veins
13:54 Ep 3×13
14:11 Ep 3×14
14:34 Ep 3×16
15:07 Ep 3×17 Fransisca Hall – until it hurts
15:37 Ep 3×24
17:27 Ep 3×24 Lana Del Rey – ride
18:49 Ep 3×24

Love PLL & Spoby & T Bell!

[I do not own anything in this video. No copyright infringement intended, this is just fan video. Everything belongs to their respective owners ABC]

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  1. Scott Andrepont

    Is it just me or can I just watch them kiss for hours and hours??! #SPOBY

  2. my favorite part is when they're kissing then all of a sudden her dad walks in and she stops and she freaks out and she's like " oh dad hey! " LOL

  3. I'm in love with someone that's just like Toby, misunderstood and judged at first sight but inside he's amazing. I love him

  4. I want an Tobi ommmggg💋😍😍😍😭😭😭😭

  5. Spoby gives me life, I miss them so much, did anybody else just cry through the majority of this?😭😍😍


  7. Almost 5 million people have watched this. It makes me feel like I'm not a loner. 😂

  8. gosh i need a life…

  9. Spencer looked so pretty in the second to last

  10. Michelle Bieller

    nice ending😆

  11. if you think about it all the couples were an unexpected match. Like Ezra and Aria, We knew they hooked up but didn't know Ezra would be her teacher. Caleb and Hanna, Hanna would refer to him as the "shady guy who fixes computers" then suddenly they fell for each other. Emily and Alison, We knew Emily was gay but never thought that Alison would ever come back. And Toby and Spencer, She thought for the longest time that he was Alison's killer then suddenly they fell for each other.

  12. Tereza Tomanová

    I love Prety little liards

  13. amooo spoby 😍😍

  14. 6:52 your welcome

  15. My favorite ships of PLL from greatest to least:

  16. Caitlin Edwards

    Where can i buy a Toby Cavanaugh 💞

  17. love spoby 😍😍

  18. happyface van buren

    Spoby is my favorite 😍😍😍

  19. I was legit crying when I saw Toby cry cause I like emotional guys… 😭😭❤❤❤ Plus at the end when they started kissing Mona was like, :Ok guys I'ma just jump out of this window until you stop kissing… 😂😂😂

  20. Carolina Filipe

    pll already ended and I'm here in tears because SPOBY DESERVED SO MUCH BETTER OML

  21. Gabih I love animes


  22. Sometimes i want to be Spencer cause she has Tobi and I want to Kiss Tobi 😂😍

  23. Merel Wonderland

    This is so cute i'm melting

  24. 10:52 😍😍😍😍 I need a Toby I need a hug right now

  25. I feel like Toby woke up one morning with cool hair and just decided to stop being a creeper cause he went from freak Toby to who's that hot guy😂😂

  26. XxGiulia HastingsBellisarioXx

    And you know that Toby Cavanugh, it's the right boy, when he asks you, if you're sure?

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