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OUR FIRST TIME… TAG! (first date, kiss, road trip, +more!)

Today my husband and I wanted to stare a few of our first time TAG stories with each other! Give this video a thumbs up and subscribe if you want to see a part 2!! XO Jaelin and Brianna
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  1. God writes the best love stories ❤️

  2. Can someone please tag the Part 2 video!

  3. wtf this is so cute wow

  4. Ummm when are we gonna get part two cause I wanna know what they are talking about lmao

  5. I’m polish❤️🇵🇱 And I’m watching it 😍🌸❤️🇵🇱 Can’t stop watching ur videos 💘

  6. Dick Western-Dick Fuck MY CHANNEL


  7. I'm from Poland! 😉 I love this film! <3

  8. Greetings from Poland 💗🇵🇱

  9. If i can give a hundred thumbs up i would definitely will💖

  10. Not remembering the first time you met isn't as bad as forgetting the one month anniversary…my girlfriend was pissed

  11. when is part 2 coming up

  12. i think theyre my new favorite couple

  13. GirlyGamer10161 MC

    I know a guy who likes me and he is a year and 1/2 older than me and he tries to get girlfriends to impress me but all I do is hella make fun of him lol 😂

  14. krzystof whaat ?

  15. Bugatti Sierra Lusi

    Love this couple 😍😍

  16. Cringe

  17. Diya Gill Official


  18. omg he dated a girl in 2 nd grade :() i am in 7 th grade and never dated a guy 🙁 but i have a crush but he don't likes me 🙁

  19. seriously u guys r amazing…. today is the first time I watching ur video nd I am in love wit it u both are so cute

  20. Carlysia Christabella

    U guys want to go to Indonesia?!

  21. Sydney-Couronne Goune Djotita

    That blackout had me SHOOK, u guys are adorable

  22. were is part 2 of this its been 4 months


  24. OMG can someone explain me why I had that low key feeling that one of them must be somehow related to Poland?!?!??!? I kept watching your videos to find out and now I'm here and omg i'm shook. How did I knew that?? hahaha btw guys come back to Poland soon!!

  25. Right when they were about to say there last first there was a ad

  26. When the screen went black I thought my phone died I was like NOOOO!!!

  27. omg u went to poland!! im from there xD hope u had fun❤❤

  28. I needed a relationship like this at this age… how wonderfully normal and we'll adjusted I would have turned out… at that age I was at home and getting physical abused by my mother… I ran away from home to not to any much better… I feel as though I deserved a lot better in life than this…

  29. I live in Wisconsin ☺

  30. They seem to innocent to do the dirty

  31. How old are you two?

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