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My Top Ten Dan and Serena

I do not own anything! My Top Ten Dan and Serena is my second video. So I hope you like and that you will agree with my choice. 😉

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  1. i just love the 2 of them.its like they r what u cud call a couple made in heaven,n only if they had really got married in real life,wow man,they wud have had the best looking kids one can ever imagine having,it broke my heart to see serena getting married to someone 10yrs older to her,dan n serena wud have been the couple of 1000 decades…….they where just meant for eachother…….

  2. I don't really ship them. Serena and Nate I ship

  3. Sernate is better fuck dan

  4. what's the name of the song in the first?

  5. • Skeletøn With A Pen •

    I'm only season 2 but i can i already see how much they need each other. They keep each other grounded. I'm just wondering how things would have turned out if Georgina hadn't shown up.

  6. This was the only relationship of Serena's that did not feel like some void inside of her stemming from her daddy issues. Their relationship was not always perfect but it is sad that Serena could not find genuine love after or before him. There were many people she dated that she could have been happy with but Dan is who she wanted at the end of theday

  7. My heart

  8. jack and georgina are my favorite couple

  9. I ship them so fucking hard

  10. Constantine Domain

    Is that why I won't watch any season past season 2? I'm scared to fall out with these two. Derena will forever be my favorite couple.

  11. wtf why did rufus kiss lily in the mouth isn't she dating serenas dad and he's dating that quirky girl

  12. Dan and Serena are my favorite actually but they did not been a partner at all seasons. Blair and Chuck kind of a wild relationship all along.

  13. I hate Dan , Chair forever 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  14. I've watched season 1 multiple times and I'm going to continue that because it is by far my favourite season mainly because I wish I could have a relationship like they had in S1

  15. Hannah Corcoran

    What started it all <3

  16. chuck and blair are the real love. this is not real love, this is acting 🙁 i dont like derena. chair forever <3

  17. Sheep Is for the weak

    Big mistake to watch this without finishing the series!! XD

  18. Manhattans_gossip

    omg it´s sick how much I ship Derena they´re the love of my life I literlly don't know what to do about them!! My favorite season with them is easily the first but I love still love them all the time!!!!

  19. Lol the part that Dan said it was gravity you went for the hug and he touch his cheek so cuteeee

  20. I don't give a crap what anyone says about these two, I've always loved them together!
    Derena is my OTP in Gossip Girl, and my favourite couple, so glad they ended up together <333333

  21. here's my thought of derena's powerful scenes:

    1. when dan told serena why he loved her at the humphrey's loft

    2. when they broke up at the wedding

    3. the "i broke up with aaron" scene.

    4. when they broke up in the elevator (saddest scene ever, btw)

    5. "you are the love of my life, dan" scene

    6. "i love you, dan humphrey. always have, always will" scene

    7. "just because we were broken up doesnt mean i could just turn it off like that" scene. honestly when she said "so what, dan? it hurt!" and her voice cracked i died little inside.

    well honestly i dont find their wedding scene was powerful tho, i think its not delivered well. but i admit that blake's expertise is her capability in doing emotional scenes. especially when it comes with dan or blair.

  22. The first couple that actually got married !!!!! ❤️

  23. All of y'all are wrong Serena and Nate were the best couple Dan was just a fucking bitch and I hate them together fuck you Humphrey

  24. penn is one of those very few men who should play Mr.Grey at some point in their lives

  25. potatolookinthingy

    Dair on the roof

  26. ….she looks like a fish with that wedding dress :O Her beauty is totally wasted

  27. but dont they share a sibling…making them half siblings..

  28. omg in 10 i hate erik ad that moment it was so adorable

  29. Miranah Priscila

    Dan and Serena don't belong

  30. The Goblin Will Never Have 5 Dollars

    Theyre so cute together! I totally agree with the order. and honestly I miss this sweet, sensitive dan, despite the fact that the older and corrupted by the upper east side dan is way hotter.

  31. I love Dan and Serena better than Nate and Serena sometimes but I do like Nate and Serena better than Dan and Serena

  32. i finishe re watching the oc now for gosip girl

  33. Drucilda McLaren


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