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My Love Eun Dong Best Kissing Scene!!

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  1. Sonal. bhansali

    am i only one who feel like the way she talk is quite simillar to pewdiepie ?????

  2. that's me have to do the exact same thing for every single drama I watch

  3. What's a good drama to watch if you liked My Love Eun Dong?

  4. How about a "worst kdrama kissing scenes ever" video????:D that would be fun to watch!!!!! 🙂

  5. Steff this is a really good drama. You should watch it.

  6. This drama was beautifully written and perfectly acted in episodes 1-14. Episodes 15-16…not so much. It was one of my favorite dramas until the end. However, it's worth watching for the first 14 episodes. ; ) So many feels…you will probably marathon this one so rest up before you start watching. Lol

  7. trixchialoveskimchi6

    in kdramaland the kiss scenes take SO long… but I usually don't check out beforehand to me that just ruins it.

  8. I really liked this drama!

  9. This was one of the best melodramas I've watched. Hyun Soo & Eun Dong have such a sad, bittersweet lovestory. I have to give Hyun Soo credit though, the guy waited 21 years for her…reunited after not seeing her for ten long years, only to be seperated again after she disappears for another ten long years! Now who in real life would wait that long….?
    What really grinded my gears was the manipulative husband of Eun Dong who lied and kept Hyun Soo from knowing he had a baby, and was the biological father of Eun Dong's son. It was messed up on so many levels. The Osts were incredible, loved them from the first I begun watching the drama, I can tell if a drama will be good just by the soundtrack. Indeed it was!

  10. what's dis drama ?

  11. Soonkyu is cute

    I have to see the kiss scenes before I watch a drama because I have to make sure that there is at least something to look forward to if I don't like the drama but want to finish.

  12. This drama is amazing and I suggest you watch it seriously xD

  13. Casual!! lmao Okay now I'm gunna have to watch My love Eun Dong! sooo many dramas sooo little time!! sigh

  14. Love this drama it is one of my favs, little frustrates me should a little but nonetheless I love it. Love you Steph and your videos 😊❤️❤️❤️

  15. callmeusagi-chan ㅇㅅㅇ

    I do that all the time I gotta count how many kisses before I watch (needs at least 3) XD make sure its not on the last ep too, thats the worst lol

  16. Watched the drama … Only liked the two young versions of the main characters' on screen chemistry. The two adult leads weren't very … believable. The couple featured here were the best. The whole drama should've been around them. They were great! I'm the same way with spoilers. This one isn't worth the time, imo.

  17. I love that drama 🙂

  18. Honestly…
    Only watched this drama because Got7 Junior was in it😍😍❤️❤️ AGHH but then I started loving it a lotttttt
    Definitely recommend it!

  19. britney richards

    You now things with s haha joke

  20. I think the actress is the same girl in EXO's Growl drama version mv. I'm feeling sooo sure.

  21. NewtypeDestroyer

    loved this drama

  22. Patricia Niedrich

    Geez, you guys are just gettin' to this one now? As ChoNunMigookSaram likes to intimate…"Time for the Boom boom!" 😉

  23. Omo Omo CocoMomo

    。・゚゚・`(ᗒᗣᗕ)՞´・゚゚・。 *Sniff *Sniff

    This was one of my favorite dramas of the year. I was completely invested. If you do decide to give it a watch, your emotions will be all over the place. There'll be sadness, anger, questionable empathy, hopefulness, confusion, etc. Also, keep a box of Kleenex near; the waterworks never stop.

    Btw, the kissing scenes get better and better as it goes on. This story is pure romance at its finest…if you like that sort of thing.

  24. I loved that drama I felt the passion

  25. what's the name of the actress ??

  26. I have to go all the way to the last episode and see if they end up together and if they do I'll continue to watch it lol

  27. haha i do that xD i have to search through tumblr to see how it looks before i actually start watching a drama

  28. thumbnail😂😂

  29. I'm the exact same way 😂 before getting into any type of drama or romance related anything I'm like okay do they even kiss though? Will this make me angry that they never kiss? 😂😂

  30. BEST DRAMA :))

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