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FOXFAM – Taylor… Taylor – FOXFAM! Taylor’s first time being introduced to the vlog…. MEET MY GIRLFRIEND!

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  1. Drop a Like and Comment what kind of videos we should make together…!!!!

  2. She is beautiful

  3. She said she saw the full moon 😂😂😂

  4. She's so pretty 😂

  5. Do a prank on I mom that u got Taylor pregnant

  6. you should buy springfree tramp their big and cool

  7. she's sexy

  8. Just 300 dollars

  9. Congrats tan


  11. U should kiss

  12. Why does your mom look like Logan Paul's mom

  13. Kenneth Holloman

    I like her

  14. shut up tub of lrd you pedo

  15. find the difference


  16. she looks like the hotter, skinnier version of Gabbi😚💓

  17. Razvan Constantin

    Your sis is so qt:)

  18. Makenna Pitcher (STUDENT)

    Hey Taylor I think you are a very pretty girl and perfect for Tanner So welcome to the Family

  19. your girl friend is cute

  20. Why does Taylor look like Danielle bregoli

  21. Taylor changed her clothes like 4 times in the video😂😂who else noticed?

  22. She's hot

  23. Make book of ken

  24. I do it all the time

  25. watched a couple of your vids. never heard if you but your vids are full if energy. guess in subbin

  26. she's HOT!!!!

  27. You make a good couple

  28. how old are you

  29. I have a lake and a tramp in my backyard I'm not showing off btw Ly tanner

  30. Hi Taylor

  31. I've gotten to drink once in my life and I am all 7

  32. This kid has a gtr and gets excited over trampoline

  33. Dan_TDM TheDiamondMinecart


  34. Taylor is Jakes sister?

  35. Ofc a gold digger😂

  36. Elissa Wilmshurst

    Is she your girlfriend

  37. your girl is really hot

  38. The only reason shes dating u is because your a youtuber

  39. Madison Hordienko

    Welcome Taylor

  40. Ethan Partridge-smith

    Not bad tanner

  41. U need a net

  42. she is. cute

  43. I am your number 1 fan

  44. Hi talu

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