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My First Time | Melanie Murphy + Hannah Witton

Melanie and Hannah take us through their first times!

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  1. You look at the title and what do you think you gonna see??

  2. Documentary Serialistic

    Couple porn😁

  3. Didn't she say her first relationship was when she was 18 and then she said her first boyfriend was when she was 16?


  5. dolphintattoogirl

    I got my 1st period when I was 11 too!

  6. I love the fact that Melanie says she liked HER teacher♥ If I didn't know that Melanie is bi, I would be so thrilled that I'd run around my house screaming "SHE LIKES GIIIIRRRLLLSS!!!"

  7. Melanie murphy u r so cute so beautiful

  8. dolphintattoogirl

    I'm glad my mother told me about menstruation when I was 5. Why do some people keep menstruation a secret from their kids? Especially their daughters, young girls SHOULD know what menstruation is. My heart goes out to you.

  9. But you didn´t tell us abuot youre first time!

  10. I got boobs at 8, mum bought me some small bras

  11. I've never flirted

  12. I was 12 on my first period, I was hanging out with my friend but it wasn't a big deal

  13. First kiss was simple, he had to teach me how to kiss back properly haha

  14. My first date was about a week after we got together. I am the only person he's asked out in person and the only person he didn't have to go on a date with first. He's still my boyfriend and also my first boyfriend.

  15. The one with the short hair reminds me of Emma Watson SO SO SO much! XD OMG! lol And the other one looks like Carly rae Jepson!! xD

  16. Is Melanie a lesbian?

  17. hey…. its was awesome

  18. Otter Get Up and Ride

    I'm here just because of Hannah. I am a guy, and have no idea why I watch her videos. Sure, she is incredibly pretty, but I actually sit and listen to her videos entirely.

  19. I love Melanie's accent! Love, love, love!

  20. glad to know first kiss+washing machine is a thing for someone else, too…what's with guys….

  21. My school was teaching us about periods when I was 13. 2 years after I got my first period…. Thanks for nothing, school.

  22. LMFAO! My first period was just like hers! Hahaha
    Minus the cute freaky Friday part lol but everything else was the same

  23. Melanie is so stunning.. i can't

  24. Wow that chick is really trying to keep her accent lol

  25. Got my period 4 days after my 11th bday… greatest gift ever😂

  26. im 20 and im still waiting for my boobs to grow lol 😢😢

  27. wat is lip shade worn by melanie?

  28. Huh…. My first kiss was at 22. A few months ago actually. With a man 15 years older than me.

  29. you girls are too cute!😊

  30. Hosanna González

    is she lesbian?

  31. I was eight, so I know how you feel Hannah

  32. I wore a bra at 9 and started period at 11. how wierd.

  33. did the girl with long hair just said she first time flirted with a teacher who was "she" 😉 that's cute !!

  34. such a nice and kind information about girls. ..

  35. I like The girl with brown long hair! She is the girl of my type <3

  36. are they together? are they a couple? ??

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