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  1. i really enjoyed this video

  2. So funny no god

  3. shadowwolf gaming


  4. Ntswaki Julia Monaheng

    the name up there, thats because im using ma moms profile.

  5. Ntswaki Julia Monaheng

    damn dawg… that story was shit(in a good way), i feel ya man. im about to do the same thing next week… i feel more embarased cause im 13, shit…. at least i know what to expect. this is ur boy T.J. from South Africa… Peace Out

  6. its called a french kiss

  7. Nice story fam ?? You just got a new subscriber

  8. You feel me ????

  9. da fuck. ha ha

  10. Ha ha ha mine was like that

  11. Zaquarie Williams

    mine was the same

  12. First time kissing a boy

  13. _ TerrinceHitEmUp _

    How old r u and wat state do u live in and can u check my channel out

  14. This kid talking about kissing a girl in 7th grade and I am over here in 11th still like "yep! Never done that"

  15. It's Jaylen m

  16. I was in that class

  17. I remember the first time you made this a year ago

  18. ur hilarious ?

  19. Jermaine Wangari

    iam so proud

  20. Lol the ending XD

  21. ayy savage i see u ?

  22. Young savage being all savage XD nice story dude

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