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My First Time Kissing a Boy

Hey guys, today I talk about my first time that I ever got to kiss a guy. I have to say that it was one of the greatest experiences Ive had along this journey of coming out and it really helped me accept myself for who I really am. Thanks for watching, let me know if you enjoyed it!
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  1. Good Vlog. Keep it up!

  2. Thanks for sharing handsome

  3. Timmy alger-beauvais

    I am gay and single

  4. hey just discovered your channel and i love your videos, thank you for being realistic​ about coming out and the prosses of all of it, i rly rly loved your video about mental health issues thank you again xo

  5. Who ever you kissed was a very lucky guy 🙂

  6. crush ❤

  7. Thank you for sharing, Phoenix, that was really sweet. I see your subscriber number is going up fast, which is awesome!

  8. This was super cute story! I was so happy to see that you did another video only few days after the last one. And you deserve lots and lots of new followers 🙂

  9. Everyone knows Phoenix is a kissing bandit.

  10. aww you are happier compared to your last videos. 💖

  11. Damn boy!!! U fine…

  12. The subscribers just keep increasing!! So proud to see your inspiring, meaningful, gorgeous (you) channel growing. Love you, love your mindsets and perspectives, love the videos, love everything you do in these channels, keep them up buddy!

  13. Good video, glad you did it. Hope life is still good for you

  14. I love they way you edited this video. And yes ur cute.

  15. That is a very sweet story, and I enjoyed hearing it. And I think your insight is excellent. You know when it feels "right" and when it doesn't. I'm glad you found out.

  16. Phoenix's Life
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  17. What a sweet story. Inexperienced young gay guys such as yourself are so refreshing to have on YT. In fact, keep making videos, what you have to offer is much more
    valuable than many of the other gay vloggers on YT when it comes to helping young gay people. There's people out there like you going through the same thing.

  18. So, now, continue on with that great feeling…I hope your calm cool new boyfriend will be good to you. I hope he (new boyfriend) will be able to kiss you and make you calm, cool and happy. Continued success to you……

  19. Stay calm and cool…

  20. You rock!

  21. Your videos are awesome, Phoenix!  Thanks for sharing so many personal stories about your life which not only enable us to get to know you better but helps other lgbt youth to realize they are not alone and there's nothing wrong with who they are.  Keep making a difference and I look forward to seeing more of your amazing videos!   Btw, did you continue to see the guy who was your first kiss or was that a one time meetup with him?

  22. My first real kiss with a boy was a guy named mike. It was one of the best days of my life. He took me to a dam at about 8pm on a fall night. It was cold and I was shivering and he thought it was the cutest thing ever, that I was cold. He’s was really sweet and very into the outdoors. He recently passed away. One of the saddest days of my life. Some memories are keepers

  23. Beautiful smile, love the braces…LOL 🤗

  24. Timmy alger-beauvais

    I am gay too I will be 19 in December

  25. Love to watching your video 🙂

  26. This is my first time to watch your videos. Very nice. I will check out more.

  27. What a cute story! ^^

  28. All of us first timers share that…"so happy" moment, and yes, it seals the deal for us in a way that means we are okay. Positive feedback for my first time on your channel – you have a nice speaking voice and presentation… and are a natural storyteller. Trust yourself and let the story flow – perfection is not the goal – consider cutting way back on your editing… the choppiness that results really distracts a lot from what you have to say.

  29. Done that once. Was ok I guess

  30. I would date u

  31. Repent. Never kiss a fool.

  32. Congratulations!

  33. Hell I was fooling around since age 10 with kids my age

  34. So adorable!

  35. Watching this at 7:18 PM 10/4/17 and your subscriber count is listed at 3.8k which means 3,800.  Oh and this vid alone has over 4,450 views.  You are doing very well.

  36. This brings back so many memories for me. When I was in high school, my boyfriend at the time and I would tell our parents that we were going to the library downtown to study. We'd sit in an area that hardly anyone used and kiss each other on the sly. Memories, memories.

  37. Literally just got s girlfriend today!

  38. My first true guy to guy experience I was 35 he was 28 i met him at a gay church we went to eat somewhere and went back to my place We kissed ooh God was it awesome I really knew then I was gay

  39. GREAT story!

  40. omg how dose that

  41. kissing makes me grow.  wood.

  42. Can I KISS u?

  43. I like u. Ur so cute

  44. So glad you got to experience that first kiss and it was good. I hope to hear of your journey of your first time and when you get to enjoy all the benefits of men to men contact.

  45. Haha! sounds pretty amazing, My first kiss was embarrassing, random, and stolen. I went to the movies with my best friend and my mom took us and some guy in high school that i sorta knew grabbed me and kissed me in front of them… hehehe, i had no idea what was happening, I was sorta scared knowing what my mom was going to think or say and she said nothing and laughed.

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