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MY FIRST KISS (How It Happened & What It Was Like)

Here’s are the stories of how I got my first kisses in 3rd grade, middle school and high school. If you want to learn how to kiss or when is the right time to have your first kiss, listen to my advice and learn from my experience. Have you had your first kiss? Still waiting for it? Leave a comment below and we’ll talk about it.

Why Kissing is Better Than Sex

Should Girls Ask Guys Out?


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  1. lol im 17 and havent had mine. but i dont really care tbh

  2. did u go to edward r murrow high school?

  3. My first kiss was sophomore year playing truth or dare

  4. All I can tell you is that it was midnight, we were on a bench in the streets alone, it was raining(not heavily), and she had my leather jacket on cz it was called. I said " oh it started raining" and the next thing I remember we started making out

  5. Michela Baldini

    Josh youre intro is so funny the "Hey Playa" is way more original than the usual "Hey Guys" !

  6. Angelito Barrios

    Back in good ol 2005 I had my first kiss I was 2 and the other girl was too.She kissed me because she watched a lot of soap operas with her mom.So Amazing those times 😭

  7. how do I go about my first kiss?

  8. Ok so I play a sport and my coach doesn't like his students having gfs
    I have a crush idk what to do

  9. in 3rd grade I had my first kiss and her name was Amie we were extremely young at the time and we didn't know what was bout to go down so it was 9th b-day and her and some other girls were playing truth or dare and I wasn't playing so I had know idea the she was dared to kiss me as we grew old our kissing were getting more serious but sadly I moved away

  10. NickThe ProGamer

    ok I have this girl in my school,we have been chating,then we were outside I put my arm around her neck,and I said what a lovly day,we started chating,but at the end of the doy it was the last day of school and I kissed her for 1 minute straight, then im still with her,we always talk.

  11. so me and my gf were leaving school and I didn't want leave without giving her something to think about and that's my first kiss

  12. your gayyy Eric castrio

  13. first one, 4 years ago in high school with my former girlfriend. Valentine's day, I got her white roses and we held each other and kissed just like that.

  14. when i was 6, at my 6th birthday party i had invited my entire kindergarten class and touched the bottom of the cake, so i was chasing all the boys for about 10mins, i finally got someone, on the cheek but i was 6 so it counted

  15. I need help josh so I got my crushes number but she blocked me and I am way to chicken to ask her out so what should

  16. I'm 11 and I haven't had one but there's a girl named Alex I'm trying to get the courage to ask out and kiss

  17. In Turth or Dare… its always either:

    – Some kind of Kissing…
    – Lick a wall/floor…
    – Stripping…
    – Lap dance…
    – Take your clothes off…
    – Touch a dick/boobs…

    – Then the "Retarded guy" says: Go on top of the roof ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  18. I'm a boy and I'm 12 my first kiss was making out in bed with a my friend (whose also a boy) one night while sleeping over XD

  19. When I hear: 'we just tap kissed', the first thing that comes to my mind is… NFC 😛

  20. DavidDatOneBear •-•

    8th grade still no first kiss, Not even a gf😎Really big and tempting challenge

  21. im in 8th grade and I've never even had like a fake middle school relationship. I know it shouldn't bother me but it does, I've heard of a couple people liking me but the only way I find out is through other people and stuff and then I get too scared to talk to them. fuck, it's honestly been bothering me a lot bc I can't talk to anyone about my problems since im like the kid that's always joking around…

  22. Yup truth or dare was minr

  23. Whos better? Styles vs Rollins

  24. "We just rubbed our tongues together and acted like we knew wat we were doing" wow wat happened to society

  25. Science And Games

    i was 10 when i had my first kiss with a girl named JC we acauly kissed in a game of truth or dare and after thatbshe wouldnt stop trying to kiss me wich led to our brakeup

  26. The attitude era

  27. i am 12 no kiss

  28. This has nothing to do with the video but how do you hold a iPhone 6 Plus watching a video

  29. Cole Thomson/Mclaren

    i have never kissed a girl yet mainly cos im only 11

  30. i literally had my first kiss last night ever. and with my girlfriend. im already a freshman, thats sad

  31. DragonSword 3000

    Thanks to you Josh I asked out my crush and she said yes. And today I did it. No we are together. Thanks Josh. 😁

  32. Am I the only person who watches him for the stories not advice. Also for his teeth

  33. Dude, you're a wrestling fan? Awesome! (New to you so I had no idea.) – Not to mention you used to roleplay wrestling? I'm apart of this E-Fed on this site where we cut promos on each other, etc. Thanks for the tips on your videos!

  34. pumpkinseeds 9080

    Lol I had my first kiss at 11 and Ben kissed me behind the bleachers (yes I was 11 in 6th grade) but I didn't like him

  35. ok I'm 16, but I had my first "kiss" in 1st grade. This kid and I were best friends, we were attached at the hip. At one point we tried to convince our class that I was his adopted sister. So one day on the bus I'm talking about high school musical or something along those lines, and somewhere along the way, the issue of marriage had surfaced. He told me he didn't know who he was going to marry and I agreed. Basically, we both had the idea we were gonna marry someone in our first-grade class when we were older so we just decided to marry each other. We decided to be "married" we had to kiss so we did. And that is the story of my first kiss and the time I got hitched on a 15 minute bus ride.

  36. Josh I got a question who is your favorite WWE Wrestler

  37. First grade

  38. Wow You Like Wrestling Sick Bro Awesome

  39. It was at an amusement park. My freshman year we were in a photo booth and started to make out

  40. LlamaWithATopHat 99

    I got my first kiss in kinder…dont ask about it

  41. Freshman in highschool. still never even had a girlfriend. damn, I'm a loner.

  42. amazingfreakingamer123

    i am in 6th grade and there is a girl in my school and i am asking her out in 2 days what do i do. Do I ask for her number or ask her out

  43. Professor Walnut


    Get people to do mushy stuff
    Don't do mushy stuff

    SET UP
    Get some folks

    tell people what to do

    it will never end

  44. Professor Walnut

    I am tre an a haf

  45. Professor Walnut

    I've never kissed a girl but I'm only 13

  46. in elementary i ran up to a girl i like and kissed her

  47. My first kiss was last year at my summer camp. The girl liked at the time was watching me and friend play basketball I scored the last shot to win the game and she congratulated me about the win so we sat and talked for a while. After 30 minutes of talking I said " you look really cute today. not to be weird" than she followed up and said I like your shoes and I think you kick ass at basketball. so then I went ahead and said I like you and she stared at me for a few seconds then leaned in and kissed me and we made out for a few minutes then I pulled away and said I didn't know that you liked me too and she said well I do so then I asked her wanna hang out sometime and she said hell yes and we're still together today

  48. i already got a girl in the first week of high school which i consider her cool! she play video games and we both share the same favouritenbands until 30 mins ago her mom found out about our relationship through instagram and she never replied un till now which is 30 mins after the situation

  49. I've had my first kiss about a year ago and we've been dating since but I really haven't told any of my friends because ik they'd find a way to be annoying but idk what I should do cuz u spend alot of time with her and my friends don't know where I go let alone my family

  50. Well, My first kiss was in 7th grade. In 6th grade I had a crush on a girl from my class. We were really good friends too. In 7th grade we usually sat next to each other in classes. In october our class went on a 5 day school trip. So I was in one room with 3 of my friends and at the time one of my friends had a girlfriend. His girlfriends room always came to our room to play truth or dare. My crush was in that room too. So there were 2 bunkbeds in the room. On one bed my friend and her girlfriend sat. On the top of that bunk bed one of my other friend sat. I was on the top of the other bunk bed and under me there was my last friend. 2 of the girls sta on chairs and my crush came up to me and sat next to me. Basically They dared me to kiss her on the cheek. I asked her: Can I. She said "yeah". So I did it. But it wasn't the kiss that I am talking about because it wasn't a kiss. So they went out of the room for some reason (I think a helcopter flew over us and they wanted to see it.) I was in the room with only her and we talked and she said that she liked me, so I said I like you too. (Basically a typical middle school relationship) So when they came back we continued playing truth or dare. Than after 15 minutes my friend who was on the top of the other bunk bed noticed it that we were holding hands. So he asked us: are two together? I told them that when they were in the garden we talked about it. Than they started daring us to kiss ech other on the cheek and stuff like this. Then my friend's girlfriend dared me to kiss her on the lips. We did it. That was the first time I kissed a girl.

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