My First Kiss

😗Originally this was the 6th video I uploaded to youtube when I first started. Before HD or even widescreen lol; This time for the remix I included some details that I left out of the first version (like the fact that I worked at the hotel this all happened at)

🖥Watch more:
Why Guys Would Die as Gilrs:
FIVE GUYS in da hood:

🎨First 2 mins of animation by: BlackSen
The from 2:10 mark on animation by:
Animators: Chris + Alex

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SNAPCHAT: swoozie_snaps

🎧 Outro song: “Twerk for Master” by BDP:

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  1. Anderson Leavitt

    This video I want to come true for me

  2. Nikki is so fucking HOT

  3. my first kiss was very very bad

  4. 0:41 rick and morty reference lol

  5. DarkKnight /Dropst3p

    Haha I am lonely and never kissed a girl XD true story

  6. Girls usually go to the bathroom together because, like this scenario, she asked Dee to go tot he bathroom with her. Here is the key:
    'I need to go to the bathroom' = I need some space.
    'Dee, come with me.' = Dee, I need to talk to you in private.
    See, girls search for advice from each other, and the only private area is the bathroom.

  7. Puff the Bunny | FNAF |

    Girls Bathrooms Are Really Nice. Some Have makeup benches and are incredible.

  8. anyone else notice the fnaf reference when he said camera's

  9. NonstopAction21


  10. Homestuck Trash

    anyone else catch the rick and morty reference at around 0:40

  11. My first kiss, at school, by the lockers, corridor empty, she bite her lip and lean in, I do same, BAM! first kiss

  12. Sappy The Cappy

    Dee wants the D
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  13. 4:16 grapefruit teqniuqe??

  14. It's so funny how guys dont know what we do in the bathroom,

    and we aint gonna tell it!

  15. 0:40 Headward free now to rise!

  16. oh this is a redux. funny animation

  17. Sneaky rick and morty reference the giant head
    Respect swooz

  18. Minepony productions

    the ERMMM killed me at 3:37 😂😂😂😂

  19. The Gaming Idiots


  20. this is almost too amusing to have actually happened

  21. Content Blocked

    see my first kiss was when I was drunk, it was sloppy but yeah I wasn't nervous. Unfortunately it didn't mean anything cause it was my closest friend. lol

  22. PunchMeInTheFaceProductions

    Who else saw Hand Unit from FNAF SL?

  23. That's exactly what my first kiss was like, but replace Hard Rock and parents with Prom Night.

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