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My Favourite TV Shows/Movies kisses part 5

PART 6 coming very soon. 6 minutes are already done

Hey guys hope you enjoyed part 5! Tell me what kiss is your favourite 😉
Wow, thanks for 500 subscribers… haha
As always leave in comments if you wish another 😉

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  1. Dear person who made this video,
    THANK YOU, for leaving the original dialogue and not putting some janky a*s music on top of everything!

  2. what's the song at a minute and nine seconds

  3. delena


  5. I recognize the music at 0:32 but have no idea what it's called, can someone help?

  6. I don't know if you'll read this but I might as well give it a try: you should check out Ivan and Julia from the spanish tv show 'El Internado' it's one of my favourite shows ever and they have the best kisses I swear 😩💜 plus their story is so so pretty

  7. c'est quoi la musique à 3:20?

  8. what if there was a bus driver in one of those busses (cleaning something up or whatever) while Ezra and Aria were kissing, and they saw them kiss and was like "… thats none of my business, wheres my tea?"

  9. 6th please i just started sawing your vids and i already subscribe! i love Titanic but i can't find anywhere all rose & Jack kisses can you please do that! i understand if don't!❤

  10. mystic_ wøølff


  11. Omg noooo, you deleted the William and Noora video😪 it was a great one though.

  12. 6th one coming up soon 🙂 just need to get done with my exams

  13. 6th one

  14. Mikaela Schimmel

    A 6th one please

  15. Dude!! Olicity, Delena then Ezria in one video?!? Amazing! plz do a sixth!!

  16. yeshhhhh, we need a 6th one! -3-

  17. Agree do one 🙂

  18. These are great! Thanks

  19. Maria Picado Martinez

    6 please!! 🙃

  20. Jennifer Zapienn

    A 6th one please

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