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The Vampire Diaries – Stefan Elena – Kissing moments

All beautiful Stelena moments – kisses, hugs and looks. And mood music 🙂 music: Bloodstream ...


  1. what show is at 3:43?

  2. Who is the guy at 1:53 please ?

  3. FashionistaDesigner

    What song is this, anyone?
    There's 836 lonely ass people on this page;-)))) Hahaa

  4. nate and blair?????? BLAIR AND CHUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Whats the first one?

  6. what Is the name of the movie T.V. show's

  7. Oh my god Finchel, i'm gonna cry :'c

  8. guys which film is it at 1:53 ? Thankss

  9. 3.09 😍 Izzie and Alex ❤️

  10. who is the first couple?

  11. Every video with this song should get Nikita and Michael (from 1997 La Femme Nikita) in it lol. Just my opinion :))

  12. Aubrey Whittemore

    Anyone know what show 3:44 is from?

  13. 1:14 ? Please!!

  14. 4:09 and 3:37 Anyone?

  15. love roswell so happy max and liz tied the knot

  16. ممكن   نتعرف بي   بنة   من   الجزائر    ممكن 

  17. OMG !!! I completely forgot Mal and Inara actually kissed ! That was so hilarious ! And thank you for including Community, so show is so underrated it's unfair ! 😀

  18. Avianti Wulandari

    love the song

  19. whos the frst one +SilverRainFell11 

  20. Blair looks so innocent when she looks at Nate! I´m a Chair shipper but that look was just so cute <3

  21. You missed Nate and Serena though

  22. Mathilda lindquist

    3:53 ???

  23. 3:524:00
    Anyone know?

  24. +Judy Capiral It's from Gossip Girl. Blaire and Nate

  25. +Kelly inknown It's Glee

  26. What is the song?

  27. renaissancegirl87

    Gossip Girl, Degrassi, Glee, Vampire Diaries, meh…Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman, oh yeah!

  28. Clifford F. Fujimoto

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  30. drew and ally on degrassi

  31. Liam &Annie, Mer & Derek, Ezria and Naley are my favs♥♥♥

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