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Most Intensive Kisses: WWE Top 10

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  1. Kkkkkk cm punk sentiu a baba do Daniel Bryan

  2. fuck AJ LEE shes a flirt deym she got all the kisses everybody ┌∩┐(ಠ_ಠ)┌∩┐

  3. This video should be called top Aj lee cheating on boyfriends

  4. AJ LEE c'est une salope elle se l'est ai tous taper

  5. Omg aj lee kissed almost all of them

  6. 10.10 aj lee

  7. Ariana Grande Lover

    I Love John Cena And Aj

  8. Jovanny Ramirez Vlogs

    I want to kiss aj lee so bad

  9. Noooooooo…… John cena and AJ kissed??!!!!!??😠😠😠😠

  10. AJ lee addicted to kissing lol

  11. Lorenzo Pecorari

    Aj lee is so sexy

  12. Lorenzo Pecorari

    How is the name she kissi the rock 9/10?

  13. damn , I want her kissing job

  14. Isnt Now Aj Lee married With CM Punk?
    I mean didnt it bother him that she kissed all these guys?
    Edit:And the most of them like right infront of his face?

  15. Helin Naz Yılmaz

    aj lee and john fena WHAT?!

  16. like we the music

  17. Jennifer Harrison

    This is BS!! What about Lita/Matt Hardy? Edge/Lita? Edge/Vickie? Jeff Hardy/Trish? Macho Man/Elizabeth? Rick Rude + every woman in the crowd ever???

  18. over half of them had AJ

  19. אבירם ויזל

    חחח תפו

  20. aj lee is a vir….. ah i dont want to spit it hes a goddess of kisses


  22. plzz tell the background song name

  23. Wow aj lee got around

  24. aj lee ha kissed everyone

  25. جون سينا محظوظ

  26. wwe 2k16 or 2k17😷

  27. What's wrong with aj lee

  28. 1:49 The referee was clueless 😂😂😂

  29. Nerdy Mustache358

    How aj lee does It is kinda the kukana crucht

  30. 3/10 for cena dem cenas a player who ageras like and coment plese

  31. what song this ?

  32. TheVoice ofTruth

    Everybody can see the joy and happiness of Kane in his eyes ans through his veins xD p.s. Who's the girl at nr. 9??

  33. an Lee kissis everyone then hose away

  34. is it sipos to be sexy

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