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#MATTORY Moments Compilation: Best Romantic Moments of Matt and Mallory – Studio C


Hope you enjoyed! If there are any good moments I missed, comment them below! Stay tuned also, because I think I’m going to release a Mattory edit next (not a compilation).

twitter (just started it): https://twitter.com/StudioCFan4Ever

Thanks for watching, everyone!

0:11 “Mono” Monologue
0:48 College Research Project: The Four Page Zone
1:16 Naturally
1:46 Harry Potter Accidentally Kisses Professor McGonagall
2:02 Harry Potter and the Mirror of Erised
2:44 Dungeons and Dragons
3:11 Jeremy Isn’t Real
3:28 The Doorstep: Part 1
3:51 One Angry Man
3:59 D&D Revenge
4:11 Studio C Bids Farewell

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  1. You forgot about the one in the Dont text at themovies sketch the scene when mallory apeared

  2. Kyle gets married

  3. They have to be a thing

  4. do you think matt and mallory are dating?

  5. You missed Kyle gets married

  6. God bless He loves you and wants to have a relationship with u!!!!!!!! Have a great day everyone!!!!!!

  7. seriously they KNOW they like EEACH OTHER  DATE!!!!! AHHHH! they've kissed many times!!! AHHHHH!!

  8. Yes! Finally! A compilation of the adorable studio c couple! I can never get enough of them they're so perfect together!!

  9. the international relationships video

  10. I love Mallory's acting!!! Esp her kid roles, she's such an amazing actress <3

  11. awsome

  12. what episode is 2:52

  13. There are 2 types of people

    People who ship Mattory
    People who are delusional

  14. Hey Matt. Your birthday is on the same day as mine! Awesome.

  15. They got really close to kissing in Don't Text at the Movies and Inside a Magician…. And also in Psych (the DC parody).
    Also, what about The Drop, Peter Pan's Shadow, the beginning of Graduation Musical Number, Diabetes Interntion, the end of Mother Wisdom's Wisdom, Church Massage Parlor, The Day Dawn is Breaking, and Cinderella's Nightmare?

  16. What about the paintballl one

  17. Mallory is so strong

  18. The Night wolves

    I wonder if their dating in real life cause they look nice as a couple

  19. are they actually dating/married?

  20. Christine Pedersen

    I love Mattory!

  21. nothing says r9mantic l8ke a guy in the background flapping his arms likw a bird

  22. You missed the international relations scetch

  23. so cute!!

  24. MannyandAlex 129

    YES! I ship this!

  25. Wait…. are they actually together?? Is that real?? OMG I'd BE SO HAPPY

  26. Did anyone else notice when potter (matt) saw him and Malory kissing he turned around and Ron and heminoie were holding hands

  27. Christie Solomon

    Yes PLEASE do a Mattory edit!!! :))

  28. Didn't Matt and Malory he married

  29. courtney williams

    yasss mattory for life

  30. Mattory is the best!!!

  31. Are they actually a couple?


  33. Is mattory a real thing

  34. I can't believe that they are STILL not dating!!! BTW – +StudioCFan 4Ever, there is a sketch they did on Psych while they were still doing Divine Comedy. they almost kiss in that

  35. O MY GOD JUST MARRY HER!!!!!!! 😀

  36. You guys are the worst! Get together already, you're so cute together!
    But seriously, are they a thing?

  37. I adore the mattery it is so interesting

  38. What was the last one from

  39. Mattory stupid autocorrect

  40. This is awesome! Mat Tory is so adorable!


  42. What .about FauxPocalypse?

  43. there us on u forgot mirror of desire were there more older and ..yea

  44. those were some good episodes

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