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Man Sees His Girlfriend’s Period Blood For The First Time

“You’ve probably dissected worse.”

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  1. Kilroy Was Here

    Not every taboo is a social justice issue that needs to be pushed for reform and acceptance. Bind your disgusting period talk to a limit, please, no one's impressed.

  2. Okay, they're taking it a little too far now. Like, I don't like seeing my own tampons. We don't have to celebrate bodily excrements. Now if your boyfriend has a problem seeing pad/tampon wrappers then we can start talking.

  3. My period is about 9-11 Days is that normal i also have a very heavy flow

  4. BrendanDownsFilms

    What if once you got your diarrhea period, it's everyday bro?!

  5. Daughters mothers grandmothers and nieces get periods…..do u wanna see theirs too?😂

  6. Brittany Potter

    Omg so gross. Why would you show someone. It's obviously natural that's how God made women. But omg don't show it off. That's like him showing off toilet paper after he wipes. GROSS!🤢

  7. Call.Me.A.Freak

    More like one to six buckets of menstrual fluid are lost during a period. At least that's what it feels like.

  8. Why? Just why ???

  9. why would he need to see oh my god, in sweden we call this FY FAN!

  10. “periods are unnatural and disgusting“ said no man ever jesus christ shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up

  11. Wtf is wrong with this disgusting channel? Can't they actually contribute to the world? How utterly disgusting. 🙁

  12. Why is this a video seriously?

  13. Leontine Vandermeer

    IdubbbzTV, where are you when we need you??? Let's all go to his channel and ask him to comment on this video. He will do it justice!

  14. This is like some bad Hentai

  15. Leontine Vandermeer

    This video shows – in between the lines – how much these women really hate men. Dear men, don't worry, there are plenty of women who do adore you and it's perfectly okay not to understand women's physiology all that well. I'm sure lots of women don't understand how men's bodies operate either. But if you want to teach the other gender something that they are not very familiar with, please do it in a tactful, tasteful and pleasant manner. Don't scare the daylights out of them like that airhead dingbat did in this video. She's obviously not all that bright and unable to put herself into someone else's / men's shoes. She looks so sweet, a wolf in sheep's clothing. Watch out!

  16. Content.

  17. Look on the bright side, guys…if your girlfriend insists on showing you her period blood, at least there is a reasonably good chance you are not on the hook for child support.

  18. he kinda looks like Charlie Puth

  19. phantrashcan 17

    wow buzzfeed a new low. Honestly this is just gross. I know it's natural but your period is a private thing. srry for the tiny rant.

  20. Why???

  21. What's this accomplish?

  22. Buzzfeed just stop please

  23. This is kinda gross

  24. Buzzfeed wyd?

  25. damn, now that I clicked, they get more money. in this case blood money, amirite. papa bless

  26. Sarandon Nugent

    cause this is just insanely disgusting

  27. Sarandon Nugent

    take this down asap

  28. Sarandon Nugent

    like when ppl say Buzzfeed needs to get creative, we did NOT mean this

  29. Sarandon Nugent


  30. It's natural💚 people need to be informed about periods as there is some sort of stigma around them😳

  31. Matthew Matousek


    Seriously, Buzzfeed…? 🤦🏼‍♂️

  32. I personally think this is pretty disrespectful towards women

  33. Chantel Freckles

    Buzzfeed please stop with the period videos

  34. why does she remind me of alexis bledle

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