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Making out for the first time is exciting and probably not a great experience. Did you do it right? Did you use too much tongue? Was there too much slobber? These are things we might never know about our first times making out, but it’s definitely things that cross our minds.
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Beau Brooks – https://www.youtube.com/Janoskians
Lauren Elizabeth https://www.youtube.com/LoLuFullyLoaded
Rebecca Black – https://www.youtube.com/rebecca
Hunter March – https://www.youtube.com/Huntermarchfilms1
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  1. Beau we should make out 🔑💙🕶

  2. Charlotte Lindenmayer

    Im really stresssed HELP

    I know this sounds stupid but how the hell do i tongue kiss a guy now that i have braces….please comment if u have any tips

  3. I like the guy with tattoos lol

  4. So I'm 13 and in 8th grade and a few weeks ago my best friend had an end of the summer Bon fire and there were drinks invlolved and I had a little to much to drink and then I ended up sitting with her older brother who is in 10th grade and then he kissed me and I think he was going in for a makeout but I was pulling away because I was confused so he ended up biting my lips together and it was like my lips were a bag of chips and his teeth were a clothes pin holding them shut 😂

  5. Bleach Cocktails

    Holy shittt I just made out for the first time today and we are very very close we know we like each other. I told him I was very fragile and asked him to be gentle. He said "hey, I'm going to kiss you now" so we kissed, very slow and gentle cause he knew I've never done it before so yeah. Information

  6. Wow 15 and I made out for the first time an hour ago..

  7. What about when your drunk

  8. I never got kissed by a girl or kiss a girl it feels like I'm never gonna get kissed

  9. I learned how to french kiss from garerd way jk

  10. Im 14 and I still haven't had my first kiss. Is that bad? For me it is. I want my first kiss lolololol

  11. Three Sweet Brownies

    How the heck did I get here I'm 11?!?

  12. Twenty øne Sharks in the water

    I'm entering six grade and have no clue what to do 😬😬I'm scared I will mess it up cuz I'm a clutz


  14. second I heard Australian kiss I just lost it

  15. Australian kissing? Not sure that's a thing

  16. Exactly

  17. Yоu'll even discover why men don't listen AND a simple
    teсhniquееe you cаn use TODAY that will hаaveeee him neаrly
    hanging оn your evеry word => https://twitter.com/9b7e19512eee5d182/status/822777194636152832

  18. Panic!AtTheChannel

    I just made out with my crush yesterday 4 times watching The Office
    It was great

  19. I just clicked cuz I saw Beau

  20. Janoskianator Blog

    I came here because of beau

  21. The first time me and my boyfriend made out was just yesterday, just beside a Fire Exit of a mall–a place nobody really goes to. We were just literally devouring each other's mouths and making a lot of noise too because it's both our first times and we didn't even know if we were doing it right. Still, we got really turned on.

    Looking back, I'd say we totally need to control our volume, start slow (he pushed me against the wall and kissed me without warning and I just pulled on his neck forcefully the second and third time) and we really need to work on our rhythm because we were just literally pressing each other with our mouths. I wouldn't say it was a CORRECT? make out, but it was quite hard and passionate

  22. I'm 12 and I already found my soulmate 😍😍😘

  23. Hunter March looks like Jeff Goldblum haha

  24. the first time i mde out i was a fucking pro cus i was home everyday and watched fucking tutorials but i just went with the flow btw it was like 3 months ago haha

  25. wait she was 10 and MADE OUT with someone I havent even kissed someone

  26. When you're 19 and still haven't got your first kiss FML, I kind of think it's disgusting……

  27. Lover of The gabbie show

    Yaaaas it my girl gabs you go girl

  28. Only clicked becuase Beau was in the thumbnail 😂😂👌

  29. The washing machines a bad thing 😂😂

  30. Daaamn Lauren looks amazing!!!

  31. Lezbehonest

  32. Unicorn Bubblegum2411

    making out and flirting confuses me im in 6th grade

  33. Holly Del Bianco

    Beau my boyyyyyy ahahha

  34. WTF is rebecca black doing in this video yuck

  35. I'd love to make out with beau

  36. only came to watch for Beau 😂😊💯

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