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  1. the D team Ramirez

    tell me why he looks like he is swollen from his face and why she looks like a dude dead ass

  2. Both have long chin…sorry just being honest

  3. Yes I have French kissed

  4. Mackenzie Ferguson


  5. Now, since when did the crimson chin have a sister?

  6. Thats not a her

  7. I wish my husband know how to kiss like this 😔

  8. Q U A L I D A D E

  9. Cringy asf also the girl looks like a man

  10. i've got a boner .

  11. Man I love his video because how funny this is 😂😂

  12. griselle rodriguez

    Ive never french kiss

  13. Fuck I’m failing at this plz help

  14. lol im 12 and making out with someone tomorrow

  15. I have done this

  16. WHAT…

  17. better than porn

  18. "Have you ever french kissed?"

    Well I've licked an ice cream cone before..sooo..same thing.

  19. michael castañares

    that video is have now video he only video it

  20. Do they speak french

  21. This helps me so much with me and my boyfriend

  22. My first french kiss was weird,niether me or my girlfriend knew what we were doing

  23. Hilarious

  24. Yeeaa of course

  25. 👎 No

  26. CardCaptor- Sakura

    I French kissed when I slept over my bf’s house yesterday night and he wanted to know what I was thinking about and he told me “do I have to persuade you” and I said “yes” and he leaned in and we kissed normally then he broke apart for like 1 second and continued with more force then we just started French kissing just like right there in the Kitchen, then his older brother and his gf walked in a we didn’t even notice till like 5 minutes later

  27. u told us to practice in the mirror and my cousin walked in on me


  29. I find it very shocking to see how many people think this stuff is cute or nice. I only clicked on this vid so I can say this. This is nasty. People have millions of germs and bacteria in their gross mouths. You can get diseases from kissing people like that! Its very easy to pass sicknesses from stuff like this. Are you guys dumb?? People do lost of gross things with their mouths. People touch things that strangers touch and that animals like birds poop on and then they go put their fingers in their mouth. We bite our nails and our nails are the grossest parts of our fingers. You don't know where people's mouths have been! People also put their mouths on a lot of nasty things, bugs fly in our mouths, and we eat a lot too. People also have disgusting behind breath!!! Don't say that it's ok because we brush our teeth. PEOPLE DONT BRUSH THEIR TEETH EVERY SECOND OF THE DAY. Not everyone brushes their teeth twice a day like they are supposed to. This stuff just isn't sanitary. Seriously how can you guys be this clueless?? I find this stuff disturbing and pointless. Its just not good for you, peoples mouths just aren't clean you have to realize that.

  30. I love the beginning where she's likek I'm gonna teach you how to FRENCH KISS

  31. I'm nine.

  32. Yes I had French kiss💏💏💏💏💑💑💑

  33. Oh…. Fuck… These guys looks terrible 😂😂

  34. Pair of ugly ass motherfuckers

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