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Know exactly when she wants you to kiss her | How to kiss a girl

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When you go for the kiss and get rejected, it flat out sucks. It feels like you’ve done all this work to get her to like you, and if she’s not ready, it can turn things really awkward and uncomfortable.

I’m going to show you exactly what to say to test to see if she’s ready to be kissed or not. You can also use this to get her to start thinking about kissing you so that you can almost guarantee that your attempt will land successfully.

Test by either asking a question or making a statement that talks about kissing. Even if it doesn’t work right away, at least now you’ve implanted the idea of kissing into her mind, and she’ll most likely want to kiss you later.

Just talk about kissing, about the moment that leads up to the kiss. Either she’s going to react or respond by just being in the moment with me, or she’ll break the tension somehow. If she looked away, or started pulling back, or changed the subject, then I know she’s not ready yet. Maybe she just needs a little bit more time getting to know each other, and then I’ll try again later.

But the key is to make sure this is in context.
One thing you can ask is; “Are you a good kisser”? And she might say; “I guess so”, and I’d say, “really… well, let’s find out”.

Saying the right words and asking the right questions can seriously speed up the entire dating process, and get you and her kissing and doing a whole lot more very, very quickly.

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