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Kissing Prank – First Kiss Edition

How’s is going guys, I’m back with another Kissing prank but this time I got my boy Alpay to get his first ever kisses with a game of rock paper scissors for kisses. I will be doing a very special kissing game soon featuring myself so watch out for that. I might be featuring someone to do a kissing prank in India for my fans in India and possibly a kissing prank at school very soon.

Alpay B:https://www.youtube.com/user/RicardoQuaresmaQ7

Videos on the outro:

Fifa 15 Kissing Game – Ultimate Team Edition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GjSjS…

Valentine’s Day Kissing Game – Kissing Hot British Girls: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sCHuX…

Song By Ahrix – Euphoria

Thanks For Watching!!!

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  1. learn to kiss bro

  2. guy in a sky blue t-shirt is pervert

  3. E.kalyan Chakravarthi

    good kiss

  4. well he fucking deserved that slap😂

  5. wtf he is such a horny shit .kissing them like he's gonna eat em

  6. idris saidmeery

    bro your amazing keep it up

  7. Pedalingomme Peda

    Learn to kiss before doing this video, piece of shit, kumadir ene lichien

  8. Virender Phartiyal

    One of worst Kiss Prank

  9. that girl was dying for a kiss, that's why she came back

  10. Prashant Chandanshiv

    you need to learn how to kiss…. bad kisser ever

  11. nice

  12. this reminded me of beauty and beast.

  13. U cant kiss

  14. Divyanshu Anand

    He fucking doesn't know how to kiss wtf. Oml fucking horny ass kid

  15. tarke insan

  16. cash me out side girl😱😱

  17. u not kissing correctly

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  25. Ewwwww So Weird Bruh!! Bad Kisser.

  26. boobskadewana143
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  27. bruh kiss slowly bro depasito

  28. dis guy has such a dull like body to be kissing anyone!!!😂😁

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  30. 2:59 is the best part of the video…. What a losser you are😂 worst kisser poor girls

  31. the guy is desperate for a kiss… DESPO..

  32. Double Meanings


  33. i want to kiss me please

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  38. baltistan the Heaven on earth

    wow super i really enjoyed

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  43. please remove this video from YouTube… it's disturbing😫

  44. thakalee kto moh

    I think he don't know how to kiss a girl

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