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Kissing On The First Date: To Kiss Or Not To Kiss?

“Kissing On The First Date”
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Do you know how to tell when a girl is ready for you to kiss on your first date? Or do you wait for her?

In this video, I’m going to teach you the signs to look for so you’ll be able to go in for the kiss without worrying about whether its the right time or not or if she wants you to or not. You’ll know for sure.

Here’s an acronym for you to keep, so you know exactly what to look for the next time you’re out with a girl and you’re wondering if she wants you to kiss her; B.I.T.E. (Not to be taken literally.)

B is for Body language; does she move closer to you, does she touch you? [0:51]

I is for Interest; is she asking you questions, are the conversations going well? [1:05]

T is for Tonality; is her tone excited, happy, or is her tone bored, monotone? [1:27]

E is for Eye contact; is she looking at you most of the time, or somewhere else? [1:48]

When you’re with a girl and she’s moving closer to you, she’s taking an interest in you, her tone is a happy one, and she’s making eye contact with you, then you can be sure she’s ready to be kissed.

Remember, YOU have to be the one to do this. Girls don’t make the first move. You have to do it.

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  1. so u can say she bites me

  2. dog i stare into space all the time im not bored im just hella awkward with eye contact

  3. uhh hb sex on the first date lol

  4. Most women these days are angry man hating feminist. They will also try to accuse you of sexual harassment or rape even if you innocent. Women also expect you to fit the bill for everything and expect you to shower them with cash an jewelry.

  5. this guy is annoying with his e books bullshit… unsubscribed… why cant all people like be Based Zeus

  6. Someone told me he started boycotting French things.
    I told him the women I know have been boycotting French kissing for years

  7. If a girl told me she doesn't kiss on the first date, I would tell her to leave..

    And come back in a half hour for the second date.

  8. Bite huh? What if she's staring at my lips and body while biting her lip and breathing heavily?

  9. that moment when the comments help you more then the video 😂

  10. I think you shouldnt for sure kiss a girl on a first date if you want a relationship and not just sex! Ive didi this many times of the first date and then never got a relationship, just hangout etc that you dont want if you are man that wants a woman to spend time with. If you kiss on a first date you look interested, needy and in rush. Thags what will destroy your chance for a relatinship. If you think that woman liked you, she needs to starve! She needs to fall in love with you and not you into her. Seems silly, but its truth

  11. If you meet online I say no to kissing on first date.

  12. Don't do it on a first date no matter what….you'll see what I'm talking about if you don't

  13. Thanks bro

  14. If you see the signs in the "BITE" acronym. Can you question to break the touch barrier? What I mean by breaking the touch barrier is to touch their privates as the touch barrier is touching OK parts. And if you and your girl are 18 or older, can you and your 18 or older year old girl get naked and make out together. What type of kiss is appropriate on a First Date? Someone told me that you shoudn't do the French Kiss.

  15. The thing is. I don't really want to kiss on the first date. Some girls like to. ANd that kind of throws them off.

  16. If you see the signs in the "BITE" acronym. Can you question to break the touch barrier?

  17. This really helped I should of kissed her damn she kept holding onto my arm and wrapping her leg around mind while resting her head on my arm and laughing alot all I did was hug her I'm such a pussy man

  18. Thanks for the advice, I've got my first date tonight and am hoping for a kiss lol.

  19. Tomorrow is the day… so nervous lol

  20. Thank you my first date its this saturday 😊

  21. Lol we just did it… First we hugged, the we snuggled, then we cuddled, when I kissed my girlfriend on her cheek… She immediately returned a mouth-kiss, ending up in a tongue-kiss a few minutes later…
    What does it feel like? It's incredible… I can't stop thinking about it… (She dated me 2 days ago)… I can't even concentrate in school anymore 😂
    So my answer is: Don't think about it… Whatever you do, DO NOT ASK! That's like the weirdest thing ever… But: Just do it!

  22. i failed at this…she was into me she looked me right in my eyes and i froze like bitch needless to say it didnt last long and now she wont even talk to me its not like i wasnt into her and i hope she didnt take it that way

  23. Renier van Wyk pompies

    Followed your advice bro and it was a smash hit! Thanks!

  24. thanks bro!!!! keep doing it really helped me also my first date is on saturday

  25. there's a boy in my class that's it next 2 Paton he's really cute should I wait till he asked me or should I ask him

  26. If you don't make the move ur either a cuck or you'll be friend zoned .

  27. Sorry but this guy is kind of a tool. If you treat dating like an assignment and make up all these algorithms then there is something not right…..

  28. thanks man saturday my first date coming up.

  29. First date coming in a few days – Wish me luck boyz

  30. Question for you Tripp, say you're out with a girl and things are going well and you don't go for the kiss, would u say that makes u seem less confident or just against the norm? I've heard that girls won't always sleep with guys on the first date, but won't respect a guy who doesn't at least try to, do we as guys have to fit in that slut box to not be alone?

  31. you r not helping at all

  32. Thanks man. Thursday is my first date!!!

  33. If you mistakenly sister-zoned her, how do you pull it back and make her your gf?

  34. Had all of these going for me and I went for this kiss and she turned her head… Maybe I'm just unlucky

  35. my gf loves hugs and cuddles so she cuddles me and when we move away we look in to each others eyes and it makes a spark so you and her move your heads closer and then put your hand on her chin and kiss or put your hands around her side and kiss

  36. how about you just ask?

  37. The answear is yes

  38. I gotta say all these tips are very true!

  39. Thanks. It's working as magic ✌☺



  41. fucking body language bro … its all … in your videos

  42. Guys be careful….let it be natural…dont sneak and steal it….thats disrespectful ! some may like it but you dont want to turn a female off…especially if you like her…it may be no turning back…

  43. just got home from a date…the guy ask for a kiss…i said on the cheek yes….he started laughing and spent the rest of the evening trying to kiss me…it pissed me OFF ..what a turn off….then i said stop….no…i dont like ppl stealing kisses from me unless i say yes…smh

  44. Minimal StandardsTM

    My girlfriend's sleeping over on Thursday for the first time since we started dating, but its not exactly a date, since a mutual friend and her sister are staying over, too. They usually stay together so, if my girlfriend and I end up alone together, I might try to sneak a kiss on the cheek. Wish me luck, Youtube! ^v^

  45. Thanks my first date is tomorrow but it is with my bestfriend who i finally had the bulls to admit my true feelings and i knew she has had feelings for me for quite some time but she likes someone else so

  46. I was walking with my brother on street and saw like 3 girls walk pass me and the hottes one found me attractive. Soon as i passed them they said "OMG did you see that guy" and at first i didn't know they were refering to me so i walked pass. But when i decided to go back i saw em again and they shouted again one to another "Thats the guyy" and i was like confused and decided to take a steam on the next bench i saw and just wanted to see what would happed, after some time they approacehed me and and they were like my friend really likes you and she would like to hang and i made few jokes up and after a while 2 of her friends left and us 2 were alone. eventually we started holding hands together and after certain time when it was already 12 o'clock she needed to go home so i followed her to her home and hugged hur.

    I know this is not much but this was not a date or anything….
    So i just dont know should i ask her out??
    Any suggestions?

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